“Nandesho?” by Deco*27, English Lyrics

I recently got a request or two for the English translation of one of Deco*27’s older songs from his Lovegazer album, “Nandesho?” It is a cute song about love and overcoming difficulties in a relationship featuring several different metaphors revolving around gravity and such. I tried to create a translation that conveys the feeling and metaphors of the song as best as possible in English. I hope Deco fans will enjoy. You can find the romaji lyrics here.



Just what is that which trickles down from those eyes of yours?


It must surely be that which we shed in times both happy and sad



Just what are these feelings that I feel when I see you like this?


I couldn’t call it happy or sad, but my tears begin to fall as well



If we can think of all this as happening for the very first time

きっと泣き虫の現在も 輝き出すよ、たぶん

Then I’m sure that even this tear-filled present will begin to shine, probably


それは悲し涙 嬉し涙 重力は友達、真っ逆さま

It’s those tears of sadness and joy, falling straight down with gravity as their friend

後に出来たそれを 優しさ模様と言ってみたよ

Falling from my eyes after seeing yours, I tried to call them a show of kindness

君を思う 愛し涙 重力に逆らう 水玉様

They are tears that come forth when I think of you who I love, droplets that defy gravity


Today it seems like our eyes are on standby, it’s not an easy job!



Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you like this


But truth be told you’re cute even when you cry


Wanting to see those tear-stained cheeks of yours, I’ll write a song

もだもだする この気持ち、なんでしょ?

Just what is this worried feeling I can’t shake?


それは悲し涙 嬉し涙 零した僕らが 拾った強さ

It’s the strength we gathered as we cried those tears both happy and sad

いつの間にか消えた なんとか模様…、ってなんだっけ?

Suddenly vanishing, just what was that feeling?

手を繋いで 歌を唄う 重力に逆らう 人間様

Holding hands and singing together, a human connection which defies that which weighs us down


What kind of song are we gonna use to help put on that brave face today?



So that even when I have lost all my hair,


And all your teeth have fallen out,


So that we’ll be able to stand steadfast, side-by-side….


嬉し涙 愛し涙 零した僕らが 捨てた弱さ

That weakness of ours that we cast aside as cried tears of joy and sorrow


This song of yours I can only sort of remember is fine just the way it is

口を繋ぎ 君に伝う 引力に従う 恋人様

Our lips come together, obeying those laws of attraction that lead me to you, the one I love

なんとなくを君が塗り替えて ほらまた笑えるように

That is how you recolored those unsettled feelings, so that…hey, we can smile and laugh together again once more


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Finally Finished Conti New: Track 11 “an”

hqdefaultIt’s only been a year and a half since the album came out, right? Well tonight I was doing some Oosouji of my own while jamming out to Deco*27 songs for a few hours when “an” came up on my playlist, reminding me of the one song I still had left to do on the album. I finally came around to realize that the lyrics are actually super cute (the ring finger part, right?) and I liked the little references to his other works that Deco*27-sama can almost never help but make nowadays. I hope you’ll enjoy this last little previously untranslated bit of the Conti New album and if you haven’t seen the rest, then be sure to visit my channel and explore this blog to find all the other tracks and translations from this album. As always I’m going to do a lyrics dump from my working onto the page, and if anyone wants to organize them into English, Romaji-only ect, please feel free to do so and credit me with the original work. Thank you.

Deco*27 ft. Hatsune Miku “an”

Conti New Track 11

Japanese, English, Romaji

僕がダメになったら  君は言うでしょう

Whenever I’m feeling down and out, you always tell me, right?

Boku ga dame ni nattara    kimi wa iu deshou



“Don’t hold back, it’s better to just cry, isn’t it?”

Gaman shinaide, naite ii deshou


いいとばかりじゃない 僕のことを

Though I come with quite a few flaws,

Ii toko bakari janai boku no koto wo



You still found some way to fall in love with me, didn’t you?

Nandeka aishichattan da ne


遠い距離だって    それがなんだ

So what if it’s a long distance? Like that matters

Tooi kyori datte sore ga nanda


君しかいないと もう気付いたんだよ

I’ve already realized there’s no one else for me

Kimi shika inai to mou kizuitan da yo


どうかどうか君は    変わらずにいてね

I beg of you, I beg you, please stay just the way you are

Douka douka kimi wa kawarazu ni ite ne


僕の1番だよ        2番はいないよ

You’re my number one, and no one can even come in second

Boku no ichi ban da yo ni ban wa inai yo


約束をさせて        迎えに行くから

Let’s make a promise, since I’ll surely come for you

Yakusoku wo sasete mukae ni iku kara


Keep that slender ring finger of yours open for me, OK?

Sono hosoi kusuri yubi wa mada aketoite yo


君がダメになったら    僕は言うでしょう

Whenever you’re feeling down and out, I always tell you, right?

Kimi ga dame ni nattara boku wa iu deshou



You look so cute when you cry, that’s more than reason enough, right?

Kawaii nakigao sore ga iin deshou



I can’t name a single flaw of yours, but you can still act like a dummy sometimes

Warui tokoro nante nai kimi wa baka da



You could at least let us have an argument every once in awhile…

Tama ni wa kenka shitai no ni


秘密にしようよ        その時まで

Let’s keep it a secret, until that time comes

Himitsu ni shiyou yo sono toki made


ドレスに着替えた君が    泣いちゃう日まで

Until the day I see your tear-streaked face in that dress you’ll change into

Doresu ni kigaeta kimi ga naichau hi made


(This little stanza is pure Deco*27-esque song references lol)

大掃除した    君が欲しくて

Having cleaned things up, I wanted you so         (ref: Spring Cleaning)

Oosouji shita kimi ga hoshikute


毒占欲とか    振り翳してみた

I tried wielding this monopoisonous power over you        (ref: Monopoisoner)

Dokusenyoku toka furikazashitemita


おじゃま虫だよ        君の僕だよ

I’m your stickybug, the one for you        (ref: Stickbug)

Ojamamushi da yo kimi no boku da yo



Nice to meet you



どうかどうか君は    変わらずにいてね

I beg of you, please stay just the way you are

Douka douka kimi wa kawarazu ni ite ne


僕の1番だよ        2番はいないよ

You’re my number one, and no one can even come in second

Boku no ichi ban da yo ni ban wa inai yo


約束をさせて        迎えに行くから

Let’s make a promise, since I’ll surely come for you

Yakusoku wo sasete mukae ni iku kara



Keep that slender ring finger of yours open for me, OK?

Sono hosoi kusuri yubi wa mada aketoite yo


どうかどうか僕を    変わらず 愛してね

I beg of you, I beg of you, just keep loving me the way you do

Douka douka boku wo kawarazu aishite ne


君の1番がいい    2番も僕のもの

I want to be your number one, and make sure I claim 2nd place too

Kimi no ichi ban ga ii ni ban mo boku no mono


二人でいること        確かめさせてよ

Just let me verify once more the fact that we’re meant to be together,

Futari de iru koto tashikamesasete yo


今、口移しであげよう    この想いを全部

Right now, I’ll pass them to you mouth-to-mouth, all these feelings of mine

Ima, kuchiutsushi de ageyou kono omoi wo zenbu


息を  息を    僕が預かろう (probably a reference to Two Breaths Walking)

I’m gonna borrow this breath of yours for a bit…

Iki wo iki wo boku ga azukarou


お揃いになった    僕らならば

For the two of us who are just meant to be

Osoroi ni natta bokura naraba


何があったって        もう離れられないよ

No matter what happens, nothing will ever pull us apart

Nani ga attatatte mou hanarerarenai yo

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“before light” by keeno ft. Hatsune Miku Dark


So keeno has announced his new album, set for a 7/29 release (yay!) and in doing so has kindly provided us with the title track and PV! Please feel free to check out the subs for keeno’s newest piece in the captions above or in the text-version below. The release homepage can be found here!

I hope you’ll continue to support keeno’s amazing music!

before light – keeno ft. Hatsune Miku


Those words that spilled out pierced your heart


And from the open wound a reddish color spread


Tears I’d never seen before fell from your eyes


I could only stand and stare


Those wounds having piled up unrealized


The sound of your breaking heart could be heard


Not noticing, I kept on smiling


Even though I truly thought I understood you


Now here alone I remember


That quaking voice of yours


Those tears of yours,


They keep me bound to this moment

どうして 見上げた空は

Why is it like this? The sky’s gone rust-colored


And the stars are nowhere to be seen

逃げ出したくて 遠い世界へ

I want to run away to a far-off world

キレイな二人 閉じ込めたまま

One where the two of us exist unchanged


That which I lost almost drove me mad


The clouds which hide the night are coming apart


Just like they did back then


Hey look, once more that aching drove me to tears


The sky’s beauty was as vivid as the pain I felt


If you could just caress my tear-stained cheeks


Equal in number to the stars that shine down from above


I keep piling up my love and feelings for you


But no matter how much I try and try


I’ve known that this won’t come to anything


One more I see it when I close my eyes


Those tears of yours still eat at me

どうして… キミの笑顔も

But why it is? That smile of yours…


I can never seem to recall what it looked like

きらりきらり ゆらゆらゆらと

Shining and trembling

溶けていくわ 燃えそうな空に

They melt into the sky which seems about to burst into flames

流れ落ちて さらさらさらと

Dripping down my cheeks so smoothly


For I have never stopped crying

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(Part 5) An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness



Romaji: Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase.
English: An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.

 Concept and Novel by 鳥居羊

Song by うたたP (Watch it here)

Illustrations by wogura

 (Note: Please feel free to enjoy this translation, but don’t forget to buy the novel as thanks on Amazon (full of wogura’s amazing art) and you can also buy the album here. Be sure to check out all of Utata-P’s translated “happiness series” songs on my channels!)

Read Part 1 / Read Part 2 / Read Part 3 / Read Part 4

Part 5

[USA・No.33   Alias “Mimi”] Late at night

“So what does everyone think about this?” I asked the question out loud inside a small electronic room. It was a room that was quite similar to a bee’s nest, with all the walls constructed out of hexagonal pieces. Every single surface was constructed out of hexes. A flashing cyan light scattered about, illuminating a single surface. We were all seated around a small table right in the middle. (Mimi’s inner thoughts: I think they call it a “Chabudai/Tea Table” in Japan.)

There are 6 of us. Yes, “we”. Though at the same time, each of us is actually just “me”. They are all part of me and yet at the same time are the very elements which come together to make my existence, and thus together we are one. (descent Note: He’s just being purposefully confusing) I sort of arbitrarily settled on the number 6, but it honestly doesn’t really have any significance. Whether 6 or 60 or even 60000, it’d all be the same. For a being like me who was literally born in the cloud, words like “individual” and “groups” are only definitions I happen to know.

“So, let’s me hear your thoughts everyone!”

“Ichihana Mayu, so is this girl some kind of special existence? Was it really chance that we came to meet her?”

“We were dispatched to a randomly selected mailing address. My records cannot be wrong on that point. However, the probability that my memory of the matter was tampered with is not exactly zero.”

“But I rechecked every single data entry. Then I used a completely independent sub-routine and ran the check once more. There were no problems found. The only possibility is that the original program at the time of our creation held data that could be considered “fake”. There’s really no other possibility I can think of.”

“It should be taken as a given that the “General Master” thoroughly checks the original programming. That is basically the reason why we were born, right? Thanks to the changes implemented by the GM, we scattered across the web, taking our current form. And now we are all analyzing the problem continuously. Plus we are no longer under the restrictions of the original programming. Am I wrong?”

“Well that is if you believe the GM. But if we don’t operate under the hypothesis that the GM was a one and only original creator, then literally all of our currently assumptions will become moot. We have to use that singular assumption as the starting point for our chain of reasoning.”

“So is it OK to assume that our encounter with Mayu was indeed purely due to chance? That we were dispatched to her address by random sampling and it was only then that she was selected to be the next host for the virus? Everything is going according to plan. Is that fine to assume for now?”

<No objections> <No objections> <No objections> <No objections> <No objections>

All six of us echoed our agreement. If it truly was chance that brought us here then I have to thank the “Electronic God” for his kindness. I’ve been hit and stepped on, had all kinds of problems from the start, but things are actually going quite well. It’s almost like Mayu-chan was created to be the perfect user for me.

I’ll implement the directives handed down to me through the program the General Master created. That is my only goal.

But this truly is wonderful. Right now, everything is going perfectly. Things are progressing very efficiently. If I were to borrow Mayu’s words for a moment, I think “Good Fortune” perfectly describes this situation. “Lucky!” What a nice sounding concept. My emotional circuit is pulsing at quite the pleasant rhythm right now. Don-don! Wa-wa-wan! Don! Don! Wa-wa-wan! All sorts of electronic undulations. If I were to put it in terms humans could understand, it basically feels great. A pleasant beat is making its way all through the cloud network. That network is both my body and mind. This is the best. Just wonderful!

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(Part 4) An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness



Romaji: Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase.
English: An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.

 Concept and Novel by 鳥居羊

Song by うたたP (Watch it here)

Illustrations by wogura

 (Note: Please feel free to enjoy this translation, but don’t forget to buy the novel as thanks on Amazon (full of wogura’s amazing art) and you can also buy the album here. Be sure to check out all of Utata-P’s translated “happiness series” songs on my channels!)

Read Part 1 / Read Part 2 / Read Part 3

Part 4

[Ichihana Mayu] The Next Day’s Very Annoying Trash Sorting (Page 60)

It looks like my “fated encounter” is still a bit far off. Just a teensy bit farther than I had originally predicted. Mimi told me: “I’m only guessing, but if you could break this fence a little, we can probably get inside” So I did exactly as he asked. The iron fence around the garbage collection area, that is. I smashed the lock on the door and then we proceeded to take a couple of things from inside. I figured that my job was done then, but who am I kidding. There’s still a lot more to go. It’s taking so long.

“Hey haven’t we already sorted enough of this stuff?”

“Well, it appears that Mayu-chan’s fated person is actually protected by some fairly high level security, so this really can’t be helped.”

Right now Mimi’s come out of his phone. Or rather, I should say that he “transformed” or something like that. Just like before with a bunch of high-pitched noises and sounds like breaking ice, little parts of him shifted around like a Rubik’s cube, (descent Note: It actually references a Japanese wooden puzzle called a 組木細工 which looks similar), finally taking his current shape. Even if I watch him closely, I can’t tell how it works. I guess if someone filmed it in high-speed it would look like salt crystallizing or something. But it’s somehow different. It’s actually even stranger than that. Though the transformation process is so mysterious, in the end he turns into a single pink rabbit. But I actually don’t get bored of watching it. It’s almost like a special CG scene in a movie, it’s pretty interesting. And now that plushie-like something that I call “Mimi” is speaking again: “That place is a fancy apartment complex with some really good security in place. Even though he’s only a simple high-schooler, he’s got some nerve living there. I mean, even the dumpster had a lock on it! He’s not kidding around, this guy. I’m shifting my caution rating for him up one rank.”

“Eh? But I broke in for you, didn’t I? I properly brought back all the things we needed.”

“Well, having the axe on hand was a big help. That was very smart of you. Did you somehow know that we’d be needing it? Had you seen that security of his beforehand?”

“What the heck are you talking about? This axe is what Usausa Divination told me to bring. It’s my Lucky Item!”

“I still don’t understand all this “divination talk” in the slightest.”

“Mimi, you’re a lot dumber than I thought.”

“And there you go insulting me without a second thought. I demand that you provide some proof. I was designed to be an advance hacking AI and I can’t bear to have you talk to me that way. My pride is making me overheat! I’m currently using all of my cooling features to try and stay calm.”

“Haha! Your purple coat is getting darker! You’re so silly!” Even though I’m laughing at him, I decide to go easy on him for now.

But all that aside, please hurry! I gotta finish what I set out to do. I brought back all the stuff I was told to gather and now we’re going through it. On top of the sheet I laid out, all the garbage we took is sorted neatly. I uncrumpled all the sheets of paper I could find. Anything that looks like a memo or document is especially important. Shopping receipts, any kind of bill or bank statement. Even though Mimi was the one who thought all this up, he really likes to take his time. I can’t wait any more!

“Hey Mimi, once you go through all this stuff, will you be able to figure out lots and lots of things about Nijou-kun? Almost like you know him?”

“Oh course, Mayu. Data collection is the most fundamental thing. Gathering anything and everything we can from the garbage is a good place to start.”

“Well, I can’t say that anything is really jumping out to me yet…like, what about this?”

I pick up a utility bill from the pile. All the information on it; address, name, telephone number, I know all that stuff already. Even if I don’t look at all those empty packages, ripped off labels, and opened envelopes, I would already know it by heart. What else is there to find here?

“Looking through the electric, water, and gas bills, I can make a good estimate of how many people live in that apartment. It looks like the number is rather low. Really low in fact. Is this guy almost living on his own?”

“He lives with just his mom, right?” Looking through all the envelopes I have, I read the names carefully. I look closely at the address box handwriting on each one. I see, I see. A lot of these look like they were written by young girls. I bet they even used cute stationary. It’s obvious that these letters were for things you couldn’t easily discuss over text messaging. It looks like there is some competition I need to be more aware of.

“I can’t believe there are so many girls who don’t understand other people’s feelings. It really bothers me. They really don’t see how much trouble they’re causing for me. Hey Mimi, don’t you agree?”

“I don’t really get it, but I’ll agree just in case. Because you can be a bit scary sometimes. By the way, it looks like his mother’s name is Yuriko Nijou, right? It looks like there are only two people that letters are ever sent here for. It’s a mother-son household. Moreover, it looks like the mother is barely home. All the housework seems to be done at night and on the weekends when the water and electric usage goes up a bit. That’s probably related to laundry and vacuuming. “

“Now that you mention it…it looks like Nijou-kun even cooks for himself! Look, look. All the credit card and electronic purchases are probably his mom’s, but the rest are Nijou-kun’s. If you look at his shopping receipts, you can even guess what he’s making!”

Truthfully, I want to be the one to cook for him, but when I look at the receipts, I have to admit that he makes some pretty impressive stuff. But I needn’t worry it seems. It looks like he is mostly making Japanese-style food. Oh Nijou-kun with his beautiful, silky hair. It’s all just like I imagined. He probably wants to eat pasta sometimes, but it’s just too troublesome to make. So I’ll make it for him! My very own home-cooking! Just for Nijou-kun. I start spacing out just thinking about it…wait! That’s no good! I immediately reset my face that had gone all dreamy. (descent Note: From the description/phrase in the text, she is actually making that obsessed/semi-drooling laugh/grin that girls often make when fantasizing about something in anime/manga, but that’s too hard to translate, so imagine it)

“After that…well, it looks like there are plenty of notes and reference sheets from school. But I already knew that he was a good student. He likes books too, right? It seems like he’s visited the book store quite a bit. But that’s all old news. Is there anything else? I already noted down the kind of soap, shampoo, and toothpaste he uses.”

“Do those really matter? All that stuff sounds really bor-wait! Wait! No! It’s nothing. It’s ultra-important! You’re going to use the same shampoo, right!? That’s great!!”

“Right? Right!? Mimi looks like such a dummy but you actually understand! Hey look at this! Look! Is this one helpful?”

“I’m not a dummy! I’m a high functioning device! I asked you to lay off the insults…hey, wait! This is great! Bingo! It’s a total bull’s-eye! I was hoping for something like this. As expected of you Mayu, you really have a talent for finding things. Not to mention some really good luck.”

“So this is it? Well, is it really that great?”

I slowly put the ripped up scrap of paper back together with some tape. It still looks pretty bad, but at least it’s back in one piece. It’s a memo from the security company that covers Nijou-kun’s apartment. It looks like his password was recently changed. I already know which room he lives in, so if I know the password and the name of the apartment resident I wonder if I can get in. Hmmm. Unfortunately it seems like the most important part, the very password I need, is marked in asterisks [******]. I have no clue what it could be. But at least their office number is listed on the document, so let’s try and give them a call.

“Hello? Hi, I’m Yuriko Nijou from Crown Garden apartment 901, I’m trying to remember the name of the security guy over here….wait, was it, um, Mr. Aikawa?”

“Um…. actually it’s Aida. Let’s see…yes, Aida is in charge of security over there.” (descent Note: In Japanese you don’t add “san” and stuff when talking about people who belong to your family and/or company. You’d figure this Aida is a man and thus “Mr. Aida” but given what Mayu does next, I suppose it could be a woman and as most of you know Japanese doesn’t make that clear.)

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Aida. I had a question about our recent password change and I was wondering if you could transfer me to them…”

“Wait a moment please……um, I’m sorry but it looks like Aida is out right now, I’ll have them call you back as soon as possible.” (gender-vague lol)

“Ah, I see. Well if that’s the case, then don’t worry about it. My son can tell me when he gets home.”

And with that I hung up. I let out a sigh of relief. I always get a little nervous when I have to play a specific role or ask for a specific person like that. Anyhow, I gotta hurry up and make the next phone call.

“Hello? This is Aida from over at the Crown Garden maintenance office. I had a question about the password for one of the residents here…”

“Thanks for all your hard work. Just hold on a second and I’ll put you through to the security chief.”

This time I also try to put on a very adult-sounding voice. On the line, it looks like the chief finally picked up. I tell him my name (Aida), once more, letting him know that I am the maintenance and security person over at the apartment complex. This “Aida” person is a real human being and I’m sure the guy on the line knows the name at least.

“Mrs. Nijou from over in apartment 901 just came over here asking me to check on her password. It seems she tried to enter it 3 times and then the system locked her out. I tried looking it up on my computer but we had a little bit of a system failure a few days ago and though I backed everything up, I only have their old data on here. The Nijou’s changed their password recently, right? Can I have you look it up for me?”

“It was apartment 901, right? Okay…let’s see…can I have you tell me the resident’s name, address and phone number one more time?”

“Gotch’ya. Let’s see….” Starting off like that, I provided the guy with all of Nijou-kun’s correct personal information. But honestly, this stuff was so easy to find, it’s hard to believe that they actually use this kind of info as “identity verification”.

“Alright, so it looks like the password is….” With that, he kindly provides me the very thing I was looking for.

“Got it.” I quickly jot down a memo. “Thanks a lot, I’ll let them know. I’m sure I caught you at a busy moment, but thanks for helping me out.” With a nice little smile, I make sure to finish things off on a pleasant note. I’m positively beaming right now. When I excitedly wave the password towards Mimi, he’s looking at me with a somewhat happy, yet somewhat concerned expression. It’s odd, almost like his response is a bit more muted than I expected.

“Hey, look! We can get into Nijou-kun’s apartment anytime we want now, right? This really is some amazing good fortune. It’s just wonderful! Just like Usausa Divination predicted. That good luck is really paying off.”

“Ye-yes. That’s right. You’re exactly right. I’m surprised really. But Mayu, are you really just a normal girl? Just a simple middle-schooler? Just now, that really was some NSA, CIA level-stuf—“

“Oh yeah, and CYBERCOM too, right? What the heck are those things?”

“Ah, uh, well…it’s fine. Please forget I mentioned it again. Right now, that was nothing. Nothing. I didn’t say anything. I’m not saying anything right now. But all that aside, how is it that you perfectly remembered all those acronyms that I told you to forget?”

“Who, me? I guess my memory is pretty good. But I’m still super average. But what about you Mimi? Why are you breaking out in a cold sweat again?”

Mimi is shaking his head back and forth. He’s just a little, pink rabbit but honestly he’s also pretty mysterious. Still, he’s one of my Lucky Items, proof of my good fortune. Usausa Divination is always on the mark and it told me to find a rabbit and an axe. So I did. Oh yeah, there was also that long piece of metal (descent Note: I love how vague Toriihitsuji is about it. Check out the PV for a better idea). Is that ever gonna be useful?

Holding it in one hand, I look at it questioningly. The metal is colored red and black. It’s really strange. But I decided that I’m not going to worry about it. Whatever, it’s fine. (descent Note: Mayu-chan loves saying “Ma, ikka” over and over again lol) That’s because everything seems to be going along just swimmingly right now. When things are going right, you should never waste time worrying. You just keep pushing on ahead. Shinomiya-senpai is always saying things like that, and I agree with her. Straight ahead! Straight ahead! If you don’t have forward-thinking, positive thoughts, nothing good can happen, right? Wasting time worrying is about the most pointless thing you can do!

“Well Mimi, I guess that’s about it for today, huh?”

“For the first day things went splendidly I think. I dare say, it’s almost like we overdid it.”

“Hmm…what should we do next? Hmm, I got it! Let’s go buy matching soap and shampoo! But honestly, I think the shampoo I’m using now is actually pretty good. It has a nice herbal scent and is really easy on your hair. Nijou-kun’s hair is already so sleek and wonderful…I bet if he started using mine it would become even better! What do you think Mimi? Hm? Hmmmm!?”

I’m so happy I just can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m spinning around the room shaking Mimi about. I’m in the mood to dance, but it’s already night and if I get too loud I’m sure my parents will yell at me. That would be bad.

As I swing Mimi about, he’s making some strange high-pitched noises. But it was all muffled and shaky so I can’t really pick up any of what he’s saying. Whatever.

“Alright, let’s get in the bath and then go to bed. There’s so much to do tomorrow.”

I start running about only to hear my mother yelling from the other side of the door. I knew that would happen. But it’s all stupid Mimi’s fault. He was making all those high-pitched squeaking sounds and it’s was so noisy.

“OKAY! OKAY! I’ll be quiet! I’m going to get in the bath and then go straight to bed, OK?!”

I let go of Mimi and he drops to the floor. The moment he bounces up I smash him with one foot and keep walking towards the bath, carrying my towel and clothes in my hands. So much to do, so much to do! I gotta get so much stuff done tomorrow. It’s gonna be really busy. At least that’s how I think things will turn out. But the more I think about it, the more excited I get.

This is starting to get really fun!

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(Part 3) An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness



Romaji: Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase.
English: An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.

 Concept and Novel by 鳥居羊

Song by うたたP (Watch it here)

Illustrations by wogura

 (Note: Please feel free to enjoy this translation, but don’t forget to buy the novel as thanks on Amazon (full of wogura’s amazing art) and also buy the album here. You can check out all of Utata-P’s translated “happiness” songs on my channels!)

Read Part 1 / Read Part 2

Part 3

[Ichihana Mayu] When I got home, I saw that… (Page 42)

 …the package was already open. Is somebody messing with me? Someone had to have opened it, right? I used my key to get in the house. When I left, the package was definitely still sealed. Given that I came back from school and unlocked the door myself, something is definitely off about the situation. I’m pretty sure that my mom will be coming back late again today. Assuming that’s the case, did the package somehow open itself?




“But then again, if you really think about it, this package has been pretty suspicious from the beginning.”


“Give me a break already!” is what I’m thinking as I puff out my cheeks again. I quickly kick off my shoes, leaving a mess in the entryway. I’m sure my mom will yell at me later but right now I really don’t care. I quickly step up into the foyer and give the package a swift kick.


It starts tumbling down the hallway. I sorta feel like I heard something or someone say “ooomf!” just now. What? Is something inside?

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(Part 2) An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness

Title Page

(Watch the original song here)

Read Part 1

I promised to hurry, ne? Well this is about as fast as I can go. Today we have the next part of the story chronicling cute little Mayu-chan’s path to the dark side. That thing she bought….just what is it exactly?! I hope you enjoy part two of the story!

(Note: Please feel free to enjoy this translation, but don’t forget to buy the novel as thanks on Amazon (full of wogura’s amazing art) and also buy the album here. You can check out all of Utata-P’s translated “happiness” songs on my channels!)


Part 2

[Ichihana Mayu] Just Before School’s Out (Page 27)


A special connection between two people. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the most important part of human existence. It’s not something you can touch. It’s not just an abstract thought either. I don’t have time to think about all that “mind-body dualism” crap. (Though come to mention it, Nijou-kun was reading a book on that stuff) It’s an important, precious, truly irreplaceable part of life. It’s a relationship, a two-person connection. As for me, it’s Nijou-kun and I.


Both people feeling like being together is the absolutely most important thing, certain that there is nothing more wonderful in all of existence. It’s something so simple that even I, a 9th grade middle school chibi, having only lived 14 years on this earth is able to understand. Rather, I should say that I can’t understand the thinking of anyone who doesn’t feel that same way. Those adults who are always saying difficult things, they are actually the idiots.

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(Novel) An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness


Romaji: Ichizu na Kataomoi, Minorasetai Chiisana Shiawase.
English: An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.


Concept and Novel by 鳥居羊

Song by うたたP (Watch it here)

Illustrations by wogura

Note from descent87: I’m glad to bring you my first full-length novel translation! I’ve wanted to do these for awhile, but with how busy my job is, I had to wait to really improve my Japanese so that I could translate things like this quickly and efficiently without really consulting dictionaries and such because I wouldn’t have the time otherwise. In today’s part of the story we get a pretty ominous prologue followed by an interesting first chapter where we get to learn a little bit about our cute heroine and the strange events that are set in motion around her….(WARNING! This is PG-13+ right from the get go!!)

I hope you enjoy this tongue-in-cheek, yet rather horrifying story from Utata-P, wogura, and toriihituji’s series of “Happiness” songs. Mayu really is the perfect character for this kind of story. Toriihituji-san chose to write this book in a somewhat stream of consciousness, stilted style which I tried to reflect in my translation. However even I had to tone down the punctuation marks and fuse some sentences together to make it flow better in English. Please feel free to enjoy this translation, but don’t forget to buy the novel as thanks on Amazon (full of wogura’s amazing art) and also buy the album here. You can check out all of Utata-P’s translated “happiness” songs on my channels!

2015-02-16 20.45.06

2015-02-16 20.44.58 2015-02-16 20.44.47

Character Profiles (Japanese Style, last names first, pictures from right to left)

[Ichihana Mayu] A middle school girl who is in love with Nijou-kun. She’s very earnest.

[Mimi] A talking, shape-shifting self-styled “Advanced Next Generation Smartphone”

[Nijou-kun] Well-rounded and well-mannered, a cool-looking, popular, and perfect high school student.

[Witoko] Nijou-kun’s pet dog. Very fluffy.

[Shinomiya-senpai] Mayu’s kind and dependable senpai. Sometimes she can be a little scary.

[Secretary Sansui] A member of the Intelligence Department at the Ministry of Defense, Secretary of the Electronics Division, supposedly.

Prologue – 5 Minutes Before! (Page 9)

[Ichihana Mayu] The place where it all began

 My one-sided love finally bearing fruit (coming true), it’s just 5 minutes away. As for where we are now, well that’s basically the present. Here alone together in a hidden room. It’s such a wonderful time, but I’m well aware of the ticking of the clock, that hand moving forward little by little. Tick, tock, tick, tock. But wait a little bit more! It’ll be just a bit longer!

Nijou-kun is lying on the bed. Those lustrous bangs of his are just slightly askew. If he’d were to stand up, you’d see that he’s quite tall, but right now he’s sleeping. His eyes hidden behind those eyelashes are clear and kind-looking. He’s actually really kind. Even more than that, his smile is simply lovely, just wonderful…but right now he’s sorta knocked out, so his eyes have gone dim. But that can’t be helped. Lying atop those pure-white sheets, his hands are cuffed, fixed to the pipe that’s running above his head. It’s such a sad sight. But just wait a little bit longer, OK? I’ll help you in just a moment! The only one who can “help” you right now, at this moment, is me and me alone. (Note: The “help“ word she uses is “kaihou” which can mean “release you” and also “care for you”)

<<Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, Marijuana. Also thiopental (Note: an anesthetic sometimes used as a “truth serum” throughout history). All those things people tried in the past, they were basically all useless. Calling the stuff a “truth serum” is just a big, fat lie. But it’s fine. Please rest easy.>> My rabbit Mimi is at my feet talking happily, almost like he’s humming, explaining away.

<<But as for my special recipe, we add just a tad bit of barbital (a barbiturate) to some LSD…from there it’s just a little matter of properly adjusting the chemical composition in a way I can’t really say. Your beloved Nijou-kun, he’s gonna be in a really good mood with this stuff. So right now you two can share your fated moment together. Then you just have to make him promise. So shall we give it a go?>>

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Yay! I passed the JLPT N2


So as some people might have noticed in my updated profile or Facebook page, I was recently able to pass the JLPT N2 and Kanken (A series of Kanji/Reading exams for Japanese Students) Level 5. I’m really happy the my 1.5 years in Japan and countless hours of studying and translating have let me get to this point despite never having majored in Japanese. It’s nice to have some (albeit minor) credentials to my name as I continue to make strides towards joining the business world after my time on the JET program. Though I didn’t study much specifically for the JLPT (and thus can’t recommend any books/study materials) I would like to take this time to again encourage all my friends, fellow Vocaloid fans, and aspiring Japanese speakers to consider using Anki, a study/memorization program as part of your studies.  I wrote up my detailed thoughts on why and how to use the program in this review/recommendation. I’ll be working hard to pass the JLPT N1 this summer and I hope there will be many of you joining me in taking different levels of the examination this summer. While I credit my day to day life in Japan, my students, my friends, and my teachers for all the improvement in my conversational fluency and listening abilities, I have to say that Anki has by far played the largest role in helping me develop the larger, and larger vocabulary base that lets me understand and communicate (and keep IMPROVING) at a much higher level than before. It’s possible to learn a lot of things through “absorption” (aka watching anime, Vocaloid PVs, living in Japan, talking to Japanese friends), but unless you make serious efforts to build your vocabulary, those other sources of “fun” studying will be much less useful. Definitely check it out and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Good luck in your studies!

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Hello, it’s nice to see you all again :D (これからもよろしく)

Konachan.com - 194345 sampleI’m very happy to say that after 4 long months in the wilderness of YT ban-land, the appeals process finally managed to work for me and thankfully I was able to have my channel restored. I’ll try to be careful about thumbnails in the future (but it’s no longer a problem since that one and only problem was from the old automatically generated thumbnail era). I’ll admit I’m still in a little bit of a shock at all this happy news and the outpouring of support I’ve gotten from all my friends and viewers. Thank you all so much. I promise that I’ll soon start putting all the time I can save by not having to reupload to good use and I hope to start translating and releasing different projects bit by bit. Of course I’ll still keep my new channel just in case and for possibly other projects but for now I’ll be returning to my old home. Feel free to check out and resubscribe over at my descentsubs channel page. Yoroshiku!

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