Vocaloid YT Playlists

On this page you will find links to playlists other or I have created on Youtube for a variety of Vocaloid-related works. Eventually I’ll be constructing playlists for any and all complete albums (i.e. Deco’s or 40mP’s) as I finish them.

Descent87’s Complete Translated Works Pt.1

A compilation featuring all of my own translation uploads and some videos by others featuring my translations.

Descent87’s Complete Translated Works Pt.2

Youtube’s annoying 200 song limit strikes again! New songs are now being added to this list!

Deco*27’s Translated Works

A compilation of all translated Deco*27 videos and songs you can find on youtube. About half of these have been done by me while many are the works of others.

“Paloverel World” Album, ft. Gumi by Deco*27

A complete translation and romanization of Deco*27’s 2010 Gumi album, featuring hits like “Mozaic Role” and “Coward Montblanc”.

Descent’s Celebration of MAYU’s Release

A collection of 16 translated or English works by a variety of well known producer which I uploaded to celebrate the release of new yandere Vocaloid MAYU!

“Actress Again” Album, ft. Miku Hatsune by Producer Shiki 

A complete upload of the rare ACTRESS AGAIN 2008 Vocaloid Album produced by the musician/composer SHIKI and featuring the wonderful voice of Miku Hatsune. None of these songs are translated but it is definitely still worth the listen. (No subtitles)

The Promise of Hatsune Miku Album (By 失明少女)

初 音ミクの約束 (The Promise of Hatsune Miku) is a 2009 album by Vocaloid producer 失明少女 (one of the first Vocaloid producers from mainland China). It features several excellent songs of the pop, rock, and other genres. Most songs feature Miku Hatsune while others include Kaito, Gakupo, and Luka Megurine. You will also find Miku’s cover of Chinese artist Jay Chow’s “Cowboy is very busy” in this playlist. (No subtitles/Song Info Recently Update)

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