Song Suggestions (updated)

Updated 11/27/2014

Update While the following paragraph still applies and I do intend to translate many of the songs below, given current developments with my job and the incident with my main channel, I think that I need to refrain from willingly taking request for the time being. As many of you know, most of the songs I translate are thanks to having them shown to me by fans so you are free to share your recommendations on the blog or my facebook page, but just realize that current realities mean that I will have to treat them as recommendations and nothing more.

Please feel free to use the comments to let me know about Vocaloid song requests, inquiries about lyrics (romaji, ect), or Japanese-related questions in general. After much thought and consideration, I’ve slowly come to the decision that given the difficulty of keeping up with requests (with me receiving 5-10 every day), it will be better to decide what exactly I want to do and keep an updated list of “accepted requests” here on this page. I have completed quite a few so far, while also fulfilling many requests for romaji lyrics and also providing some translations for others to sub themselves (if you want to partner with me like this, please contact me). Also, as I am sure you all understand, given that I do my translations during my free time and want to enjoy my work while bringing songs to V0caloid fans, I do a fair share of songs that are my personal selection as well. I really want to continue to release songs that help grow the Vocaloid movement and bring joy to Vocaloid fans all over the world. Thanks so much for your understanding and support.

PRODUCERS WHO I WILL ALWAYS TRANSLATE (so let me know what needs doing): Deco*27, 40mP, KEI, PinocchioP, mikitoP, keeno, yukison, FuwariP, Honeyworks, Scop, PeperonP, OSTERProject, Tiara, LamazeP, JimmyThumbP, TOKOTOKO

Completed Requests (YT Playlist)

(Note: As before any translator is welcome to help the community by translating these, please let me know if you do so I can remove it from the list)


“SpaceDEV” Honeyworks

“Afterschool Epilouge” Tetora

“Hillside Avenue” Minatoya

“もうそこにはない恋のうた” OreginalP

“Zombie Famiiyu” FRENZ2013

“曖昧な方向性マイライフ” Amaga Eru

“Taijin Busou” kaku

“先生と少女騒動-第二審-” minusP

“Happy Marriage Yellow” MacGuffin

“Baseball Girl” Mottiri

“Rusuban Drive” HinataEW

“Spark Girl Syndrome” HinataEW

“うそつきマイセルフ” 5key

“幻葬タナトス” Affebile Sounds

“Yubei Sanitorium” Kanata Jun

“un innocence” river

“Knight of Letzel” OSTERProject

“Hitori no Sekai” ceres

“Step Forward” Chesa

“syrupy love” mukami

“ゆうやけこやけ” BaikaP

“Mayday” AyalisP

“Tenshin Ranman” Umetora

“光の差す場所はいつも心の中に” lanochip

“可憐愛嬌花咲組” かぴたろう

“Manga-poi yo!” LMu-g

“Uta Catastrophe” ちゅうとろP

“Downloader” Taishi/StudioDEEN

“境界線のセレスティア” fund.

“Fall in Love” Bekkou

“Kimi*Ai” Saku

“Ja Ne, Mata Ne” (Grad Song) Rerulili

“Marble Bright” Tom

“A Leaf Letter” KEI

“Kaze no Hana” CleanTears

“Handmade Future” TOKOTOKO

“LittleSpoon Latte” Yuki Nishijima

“死すべき定めの楽園” ely

“Samezame to” KTKT

“きづいてはぁと” LamazeP

“能面島神隠し事件” (School Girl Detective Series) てにをは


“Doushite-chan’s Theme” PinocchioP

“Candy” Imama

“Himitsu no Kimochi” Tiara

“キミを想う” 新井P

“かけぬけて” Kaako

“水底の虹” モン太

“rainbow berry” Shimo

“Sweet Mistake” colour

“恋は気まぐれイリュージョン!!” gingahoumenp

“春花秋橙” KulfiQ

“Colorful Candy Rain” NewNew

“約束の花” Fate

“Kimi ga suki” Fate

“Lover Dreamer” (sequel to Darling) Fate

“Darling” Fate

“Mister Gatling”

“スペイシー” シナリオアート

“失恋リピーター” TakanonP

“Relativity Emotional” KisetsuP

“After this” Nio

“Hello Hello” emon(Tes.)

“Infinity Dance Step” 般P

“魔法のテレキャスター” らいだー

“文明開化の音がする” ヘルニア

“Invisible Stardust” haikara

“彼方まで虹を架けて” (2008 Miku) minato

“ミルクラウン恋鎖” ひとしずく

“魔法仕掛ケノ恋物語ル” パル♪

“Space Tour” Soh Yoshioka

“Okawari Douzo” highcolor sunz

“月向うまでのトラベル” vilP

“Shaded Cream” Chamu

“The Answer of Existance” Sasa

“Quantum Entanglement” Camelia

“Crystal Microphone Underground” tysP

“Lab*” PowapowaP

“Plastic Cage” HinataEW

“銀河鉄道365” dezzy

“踏み出す一歩” LettuceP

“Moratorium Drive” MelonTeaP

“Floret” CielP

“幸せの種” TsurutsuruP

“王子様を探して” XODUS

“シスターエルレインの日記” Yamikuro

“変人王子クロニクル” 今日犬/Kururingo

“Love-Colored Ward” OSTERProject

“魔法のシンガー♪ネギっ子ミク” NAV


“Itagaru Komachi” YuuyuP

“Kimi ga Umareta Hi” DATEKEN

“水底で歌う夜色の世界” aino

“飛べない星” KulfiQ

“言の葉” *Luna

“babyface” QTbomber

“ロスコイロジック” winddrums

“Requiem for Us” NoImageP

311 Responses to Song Suggestions (updated)

  1. pika09 says:

    Can you please sub this absolutely wonderful song by Mitchie M (it’s the theme song for Snow Miku 2014!)? This is the first work of Mitchie M that I’ve listened to and I’m already in love with it ❤ Miku sounds so much like a human in some parts! And the English rap is just…. waaah! ❤ I would really appreciate it if you would sub this song!

  2. anon says: not Vocaloid but sasakure.UK makes awesome songs 😀

  3. anon says: Can you sub this LiveP song please? 😀

  4. EG says: not the most interesting backdrop but it’s a rather pleasant song either way

  5. raineydayparade says: If I already linked you this then ignore me, but how about this? o3ob

  6. mami says:

    【巡音ルカ】 ” どりーみんチュチュ

  7. Anon says:

    Christmas song by Scop from last year.

  8. mikumoar says: miku with yukke. Gosh that tuning and burst of emotion perfect in so many ways, please translate this 😀

  9. EG says: this miku song please? it has a catchy beat

  10. raineydayparade says: Awesome bgm 😀 The illustration’s nice too o3ob

  11. Toki says:

    Can you translate SpaceDEV by HoneyWorks please?

    • Descent87 says:

      I keep thinking this is subbed but is it really not? I’m worried to take the chance lol.

      • raineydayparade says:

        It’s like the only Honeyworks song left you/other translators haven’t done XD I’ve been curious too~

  12. Amy says:

    Woah… You seem… Really busy…

    Do you know any other translators I could possibly talk to?

  13. raineydayparade says: PV is slightly blurry (although apparently that effect was on purpose) but this Miku song is nice 🙂

  14. zylinder says:
    I’d be happy if you could translate this song someday

  15. Diathedia says:

    There’s actually another Love Doll by NEM (ofc it’s completely unrelated, but it’s good!)

  16. raineydayparade says: Great PV, might be hard to translate though b/c someone said the lyrics were archaic Japanese or something?

  17. anon says:

    Descent!! Hi! I don’t know if you know already, but Pinocchio-P has a new song (ラブ イズ オノマトペ) if you feel like doing that… (/^ o^)/ ~ * iloveyou

  18. Justananon says:

    Can u pls translate doukyuusei by mikeeno to romaji ? Pls ^_^

  19. Phillip90 says:

    Could you upload ‘I love you’ (Hatsune Miku)? I remember that it was on your old channel,I really love that song(feels and everything). Your sub of that song (and all the other songs) is awesome. I know that you are busy and I am sorry for bothering you,but I really like that song and your sub. Thank you for your amazing subs and good luck with your main channel! (btw sorry for my bad English)

  20. Diathedia says:

    More love for Sukone Tei please~
    This time, it’s Raz x Tohka Minatsuki again!

  21. raineydayparade says: This IA composer’s pretty nice 😀

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