Subtitle File Downloads

On this page I will try to archive my subtitle files. As long as you let me know and credit the original producer of the song and my blog/channel as well, you are welcome to use these subtitles and timings to make subtitled videos in other languages, karaoke/romaji subs, or just to redo them with some cool effects/animation. I will try to eventually archive as many files as I can on here (there are some that I have lost due to a hard-drive crash) but if you need a specific one, let me know and I will try to find it and upload it for you as soon as I can. I am very busy so while I try to make sure that these files are devoid of typos, I cannot always guarantee this 100%. Feel free to let me know if you notice one and I’ll fix it. Please let me know if a link breaks as well.

1,2 Fanclub (Ver.2 2013)/いーあるふぁんくらぶ (NND Source)

4AM Monologue/午前4時のヒトリゴト (NND Source)

A Female Ninja But I Want to Love (NND Source)

A Solution for Jealousy (YT Source)

As God Says (NND Source)

Balloon (NND Source)

Chandelier (NND Source)

Cherry Blossom Banquet (NND Source)

Consumed Heart (Bilibili Source)

Final Universal Love (NND Source)

God’s Practical Joke (YT Source)

Hikareru Satellite (YT Source)

Hokorobi (NND Source)

Junjou Skirt (NND Source)

Koi Navigation (YT Source)

Love (Bilibili Source)

Marshmallow Holic (NND Source)

Mr. Deja Vu (NND Source)

Not A Dream, Not A Lie, A Happy Scene Before My Eyes (NND Source)

Rain and Asphalt (NND Source)

Rainboarder (NND Source)

Red Borderline (NND Source)

Smile Again (NND Source)

Slow Motion

Willfullness (Bilibili Source)

Winter Happy Night (NND Source)

5 Responses to Subtitle File Downloads

  1. ericaoh95 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your .ass files!

  2. Richard Fiel says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could upload your Heart a la Mode subtitles please? I’ve made a Video but I want the subs so people can understand.

  3. Han-yuu says:

    Hello, can you please post sub file for Hatsune Miku – Slow Motion. Thanks for the other subs.

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