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This is an archive for translated lyrics, Japanese lyrics, and Romaji that I create or that others kindly create for me. At this point I have way to much stuff to upload everything from the past but just send me a message telling me what you need and I’ll put it up here. As for searching, please used the Ctrl+F feature.


Lyrics List:

Love Letter/恋文     バイカP     Japanese/Romaji Lyrics 

Schrodingeiger’s Cat/シュレディンガイガーのこねこ     Daniwell      Japanese/English Lyrics 

Confession Rehearsal/告白予行練習     HoneyWorks     Japanese/English Lyrics   Romaji

World Calling/ワールド・コーリング     Jin     Japanese/English/Romaji Lyrics

Telomere’s First Cry/テロメアの産声     Heavenz     Japanse/Romaji & English Lyrics

Gift nor Art     Tripshots     Japanese/Romaji/English Lyrics

Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi     Team Kamiuta     Japanese/Romaji      English Lyrics

Blooming the Idol     MitchieM     Japanese/Romaji Lyrics

Reboot      OneRoom/JimmyThumb-P     Japanese/Romaji Lyrics

Dancing Wildly     UmetoraP     English/Japanese Lyrics

If You Do Do (Ifudoudou)     UmetoraP     Romaji Lyrics

Hello Laughter     Last Note.     English Lyrics

Rain and Asphalt     40mP     English/Romaji Lyrics

Suki ni Natteshimatta…     Mayumix & Clean Tears     English Lyrics

Andante     DixieFlatline     English Lyrics

Four Footprints     Kous     English/Romaji Lyrics

Smile Again     40mP    English/Romaji Lyrics

A Solution for Jealousy    HoneyWorks     English Lyrics/Notes

Koi Navigation     Yukison     Japanese/English Lyrics

Cherry Blossom Banquet      Ika/mosaic.tune      Japanese/English Lyrics

Consumed Heart     杏花包子/打牌的初音      English Lyrics

Junjou Skirt      40mP      Japanese/English Lyrics

Love (Luo Tianyi)      打牌的初音      English Lyrics

αCMaB     OneRoom     Japanese/English/Romaji Lyrics

Hokorobi     40mP     English/Romaji Lyrics

BALLOON     Tiara     English Lyrics

Cheater’s Endroll     亜沙     English Lyrics

Silent City     effe     English Lyrics

Rabbit    dezzy    English Lyrics

Beginning’s Goodbye     HoneyWorks     English Lyrics

39 Responses to Lyrics Archive

  1. Muki says:

    Need English lyrics for
    Smile again
    Andante (アンダンテ)
    Four Footprints “足あと4つ

  2. Ikemen Angel Chibi says:

    Can you please post the english lyrics to “Hana Wa Sakuragi, Hito Wa Kimi” ?

  3. Cat says:

    Can you post the English lyrics to “Hello, Laughter” here? I love the video you made with the lyrics, but can you post them here as well? Thanks!

  4. Muki says:

    Cherry Blossom Banquet would like the lyrics and side notes you had for them if you could

  5. Aya says:

    Could you post the romaji & english lyrics for keeno’s “drop”?

  6. Kaori says:

    Can you put the romaji lyrics of evening fireworks (kagamine rin) here?? That song is so great and I really wanna sing it (well, I can’t regconize some kanji….so..) It would be great if you put it here, thanks!

    • Descent87 says:

      I put it on my list of side things to do, when I get a chance to type it up, I will then I’ll message you

  7. Soverign1680 says:

    Could possibly put in the lyrics of “Blood Stained Switch” by Mothy, sung by MAYU?

    • Soverign1680 says:

      Nevermind, I just looked at your “To Do List” and see that it is near to bursting. I just wanted a doc. that I could copy and paste the lyrics because I didn’t want to write it out for the third time(keep forgetting to click save button) but telling you to do another would seem to me like torture.

    • Descent87 says:

      I’ll add a note to put it up soon

  8. xakusaix says:

    *Q* please i’m beggin,do the romaji lyrics for “treasure story” honeyworks.i have a pic of it’s japanese lyrics but i can’t read japanese characters.;A: please…

  9. Lee says:

    I’m sorry, I know you’re busy, but could you put mato’s “log” please? Thank you.

  10. Icykyub says:

    Oh my god I want Romaji for “Laying Down in The Center of Tokyo” please. ;-; xD

  11. Lala says:

    Excuse me, can you please post the English translation for A Solution for Jealousy -another story-? Thank you, and sorry for the bother ^^;

    • Descent87 says:

      # Exported by Aegisub 3.0.2
      A Solution for
      “A conversation about who people like?”, it’s not something like that
      But actually I’m interested and want to hear about it,
      It sets my heart all aflutter
      What’s wrong?
      The reason is pretty simple
      I’m afflicted with this awkward shyness, I’ll just be looking on from behind
      Though I’ve surely been enamored with the idea of love,
      I haven’t actually fallen in love with anyone
      Just having fun with my friends,
      A “bachlorette” (lol) who just smiles and dodges the question
      It’s totally fine like this!
      Falling in love and stuff,
      Watching it happen to others,
      Naturally that jealous, envious feeling rises up
      Teach me the charm that will set love in motion
      I probably look like such a dummy…
      Man, your nose is bleeding!? You OK?
      This is bad, we gotta get you to the nurse’s office
      *Sniffle, Sniffle*
      Come on, don’t cry just cause you made a face-block
      I’m not crying at all!
      You’re crying…it was a nice play!
      That’s not…I just said, I’m not cr..*sob*
      STOP IT!
      What’s that? It looks fun!
      It’s just what guys do, right?
      Saying “Good morning, you got some bed head”
      That boy from class
      It was the first time he said something to me
      I was totally shocked
      With everyday being a bit boring,
      Having some milk, the panda and the white bear
      (This is a modified reference to HoneyWorks’ “Suki Kirai”)
      They were having a dream
      Suppose if one day I started going out with someone, it’d be nice to walk home hand in hand…
      It’s a somewhat embarrassing dream
      “I know…”
      Just talking to myself
      Someday, surely…
      Being jealous,
      Being made to feel that way
      All girls experience stuff like that
      Those totally normal kinds of feelings,
      I’ll surely have them too
      “I have something I want to tell you! Today after school,”
      “At 4:10pm in this classroom right here”
      Glancing at me during only our second conversation
      Why won’t my heart stop beating like crazy?
      I can’t look at him!
      You know, just supposing,
      If this is a confession…
      I’m all caught up thinking about what I should say
      If that kind of thing is said…
      “I’m so nervous!”

  12. DemonSapde says:


    I know that you already translated Love Calender, but some of the songs were only uploaded as videos. I would like to add the translated lyrics to a wiki if you are okay with that, so I would very much appreciate it if you could upload them all as text, like you did for 1+1=1 and RT 🙂 Japanese is not needed!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Descent87 says:

      Sorry I didn’t notice this before, but most of the translated lyrics should be searchable on google even if I didn’t upload them, if there is a specific one you can’t find, let me know.

  13. Eli says:

    Hello, can you please post the English for Miku’s “The Beginning’s Goodbye”? Thank you 😀

  14. Susan says:

    Because you haven’t gotten enough of these requests already: ENG translation for A Tomboy’s Big Adventure, please?

  15. FormX says:

    Requesting Shutter Chance lyrics ty

  16. Chichichiyo says:

    Request for Luka’s Lolicon is No Good please?

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