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A Koori Machi 紅葉 (Fall Colors) Hiking Tour

So a few weeks ago on a Sunday I decided to head west from my town here in Koori Machi (桑折町)and take a hike through the hills and mountains that border the western side of my town. Fall is in … Continue reading

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keeno’s “tears” from the “in the rain” album (English/Romaji)

So there’s about a month left for entry submissions in the keeno “in the rain” Cover Song Contest and I’m eagerly awaiting all the awesome covers that will surely be coming in the next few weeks. I recently released the … Continue reading

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Translations from doriko’s 「unformed」 Album

So a few months ago, I was asked several US students to provide rough translations for several songs from doriko’s 2009 unformed album for the sake of getting approval for singing choral arrangements of the songs at a event at … Continue reading

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keeno “in the rain” Cover Contest PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT:

Well thanks to some good luck and excellent timing, the very last part of this year’s keeno Cover Contest prize bonanza was assembled today! I apologize for keeping everyone waiting, but due to my work schedule it has been quite … Continue reading

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