keeno’s “tears” from the “in the rain” album (English/Romaji)

So there’s about a month left for entry submissions in the keeno “in the rain” Cover Song Contest and I’m eagerly awaiting all the awesome covers that will surely be coming in the next few weeks. I recently released the prize info for the contest so don’t forget to check that out as well.

Today I just wanted to share the translation and romaji for keeno’s “tears”, the second to last track from “in the rain”. Unfortunately I don’t have an off-vocal for this one but if people were hoping to sing along or better understand the meaning, I hope this is helpful to you. It is one of my favorite exclusive songs from the album:



Kitto ne, watashi wa yowakute morokute


Hiraita kizu sae itoshiku mieta no

Most surely I was weak and fragile, able to look tenderly upon even those open wounds of mine


Nande darou, namida wa tokkuni kareta noni


Miwatasu sekai wa konnani nureta mama

Why is like this? Even though these tears have long since dried up, the world I look upon continues to get soaked


Mou ii yo

瞼の奥, 君が笑う

Mabuta no oku kimi ga warau


Watashi wo minaide


Ne…iki mo dekinai

That’s enough already. Behind those eyelids of mine you are smiling. Don’t look at me…I can’t even breathe like this…


Tadare ochiteiku fukai fukai kizu mo


Dakishimeta mama nano


Nanimo miezu ni nobasu yubisaku wa


Mou todokanai

Clinging tightly to these deep, deep wounds which continue their aching descent, unable to see the way forward, these outstretched fingertips no longer reach…


Kogarete kowarete itakute nakitai noni


Namida sae nakushita

Yearning, my insides breaking, wanting so painfully to cry and yet I have even lost those tears of mine


Watashi no karada de myakuutsu kimi ga


Akaku nagareta yoru wo nurashite


Karappo ni natta kokoro no oku ga


Kishimu oto ga shite kudakechitta nda

You who still pulses within me permeated the red night that passed by. The empty insides of my heart made a creaking sound and shattered.


Sabitsuita sekai wa mou tomaru keredo


Watashi wa sakebu yo


Ne…kimi he nandomo

Though that rust-covered world of ours has come to a complete stop, I will continue to cry out towards you. Hey…I’ll do it countless times more…


Amai amai ondo wa kienakute


Uzuite setsunai no


Kono karada sae naku natteshimaeba


Mou itaku naindesho

That sweet, sweet memory of your warmth refuses to disappear, throbbing so painfully. If this body mine were to completely disappear, then would the hurt finally be gone?


Mou ichido dake namida wo nagasetara


Tokashiteshimaeru noni


Kareta hitomi ni utsuru sekai ni wa mada


Kimi ga afureteita no

If I could just let those tears flow once more, I’m sure that it would all melt away and yet…thoughts of you continued to overflow in that world reflected in those dried out eyes of mine


Kogarete kowarete kuruisou na kono sekai de


Namida mada nakushita

Yearning, my insides breaking, amidst this world that has seemingly gone mad, I still can’t find those tears of mine..


Check back for more in the coming weeks and don’t forget about those covers! Good luck to everyone who is participating!


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4 Responses to keeno’s “tears” from the “in the rain” album (English/Romaji)

  1. ihate2bas says:

    I want to enter this contest, but I haven’t even chosen a song yet. xD
    And, I haven’t mixed a cover in so long/never uploaded before. So, nervous.
    ; u ; But. I’d love to participate~

  2. marchette says:

    wOW thank you so much for the lyrics n_n I’m thinking of maybe making a pv for this, as a personal project

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