Announcing the “in the rain” Keeno Cover Song Contest!

keeno!Today I would like to announce the opening of a cover/utattemita contest that I hope will help generate lots of interest in the one of the best Vocaloid producers out there today. Since arriving on the Vocaloid scene by releasing one of the most beautiful rock songs I have ever heard, Vocaloid producer keeno has treated fans to lots of beautiful and emotional music that features his masterful tuning of Miku Append Dark (and other Appends at times). So to help commemorate the release of his major debut album, “in the rain”, and so that international fans can get together to show keeno how much we appreciate his wonderful music, I will begin accepting entries for this contest from today until December 15th, 2013. This contest isn’t just for fun after all, and there most definitely will be prizes involved. As of this moment I am still working on getting some things in order so for right now I’ll only be able to let you know the first place prize, but I think it is something that might get people excited:

1st Place: A brand-new First-Press copy of keeno’s “in the rain” debut album along with the the enclosed keeno keychain bonus plus some Vocaloid goods obtained here in Japan (Goods details TBA November 1st)

2nd Place: Vocaloid Goods obtained here in Japan (to be announced by November 1st)

“Pickup” Cover Prize (not awarded for 3rd place exactly but rather to a cover singer who I’d like to encourage and motivate)Vocaloid Goods obtained here in Japan (to be announced by November 1st)

Judges for the contest will include me as well as several experienced translator and cover-singer friends who will be introduced as the contest period goes on. Rules for entry are pretty simple.

1. Contact me via the blog, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube and let me know that you will be entering the contest and what name/YT account/Soundcloud account/ect. that you will be using. You can wait to do this until your song is ready, but please let me know what country you will be entering the contest from, especially if it’s a bit of a smaller or less common place (It’s best if we both know from the outset whether mailing the package to you from Japan is practical. I will cover all shipping costs and I’m pretty flexible but I am not going to be filling out a novel full of customs forms and paying $250 dollars, that’s just too much sadly. I also recommend that you research this yourself a bit so I don’t disappoint anyone)

2. Create a cover track featuring one of keeno’s songs and make it publicly available somewhere on the web (YT, NND, Soundcloud, ect). The off vocal tracks for drop, bitter, fix, longing, glow, and crack are available here(piapro account will likely be required, there are English account creations guides available on the web). The off vocal for Keeno’s collaboration work with mikitoP, “kiss”, can be found here. Romaji for these songs should all be widely available on the web (and in the case of “drop”, on my blog), but if there are any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me. Don’t forget to let me know and give me the link when your cover entry is ready! If there are other off vocals available, please let me know!

Accepted Entries:

-Japanese Covers

-English/Other Foreign Language Translyric covers

-Group Chorus Covers (Any Language)

-Mashups (Any Language)

-Vocaloid Covers (Not to be harsh about it but these are going to have to be pretty amazing to be in contention)

-You can also create/make your own PV to go along with your work, but this is not expected and not a requirement.

3. I will then add your cover to a continuously updated playlist that will exist both on my Youtube channel and here on the blog. Not only that but I will be sure to help publicize your work as part of this contest using things like the Descent Subs Facebook page, tumblr, YT, twitter, ect. I haven’t been contacted keeno before, but I will also try to let him know about this event.

4. Come December 15th, me and the other amateur judges who are helping out will take a few days to determine who will receive the 3 prizes. We will of course be taking things like singing ability, production quality, and fan opinions into account.

5. Once contest winners are announced, we will have to get in contact once more and I will begin the process of shipping your prizes to your address of choice.

As with any contest some basic ground rules are necessary:

1. I apologize to fans and followers living in Japan but I would like to restrict this contest to international, non-Japan entries only. There are of course multitudes of talented Utaite living in Japan and thousands of wonderful keeno utattemita covers have been released on NND, but I want the focus of this contest to be on keeno fans and talented cover singers who are living throughout the world. I want keeno and Japanese fans to be able to get a feel for international fans’ passion for Vocaloid and keeno songs. If you are currently living or studying in Japan but call another country home, I will make an exception. If you would like your song featured but are fine without getting a prize, I will accept Japanese entries like that gladly.

2. I am sure some potential entrants will have already created covers of keeno songs, but for the contest I would like to ask that everyone create a new cover work.

3. When you upload your cover, please provide a NND link to the original video uploaded by keeno. Also I would request that you provide a link to the location where you found the off vocal. Finally be sure to link to this blog (more specifically the contest page and eventual playlist) as well.

4. Please refrain from removing or taking down your video until at least Dec, 31st, 2013 if you wish to be considered for prizes.

5. Finally, I am not going to be releasing any criteria for the judging portion of this contest. However all entries will be publicly available, accumulated in a playlist, linked on the blog, and publicized by me so it’s not like the judges won’t be accountable for their decisions.

6. This is mostly just a placeholder for other issues that might crop up, but I really hope that everyone will extend their cooperation and understanding during the course of this contest. I have never done something like this before, but I want to share some of my love for keeno and Vocaloid with others by running this contest. Of course prizes are awesome, but just contributing and helping raise awareness of keeno and Vocaloid is a good thing too, right? Who knows, this might also be the first step to becoming a well known Youtaite/Cover singer. So I wish everyone the best of luck and thank you in advance for patience!

Well I look forward to seeing entries popping up in the near future! Let’s all band together and show the Vocaloid community how many talented and wonderful keeno fans there are! I might even contribute a (terrible) cover myself! Don’t forget to tell your friends and publicize this event wherever you feel like there might be interested Vocaloid fans! If you can translate some of the info from this contest and share it on in other languages I would appreciate that as well.

For those who might not be interested in entering the contest but would still like to support keeno by purchasing his debut album, be sure to visit these sites below to listen to samples and see purchase options:

keeno’s Official Album Release Site

EXIT TUNES Official Album Site

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the contest or obtaining the album! For those who already have the album be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more translations! I will be releasing translations and romaji for all the remaining untranslated songs on the album over the course of the contest! Good luck!

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57 Responses to Announcing the “in the rain” Keeno Cover Song Contest!

  1. hachi says:

    Would love to give it a try. Any Romanji lyrics out yet? I’ll try to transcribe it later, but I’m pretty bad at it 😦

    • Descent87 says:

      What song do you need romaji for? Most keeno songs which have off-vocal versions available for download have romaji that can be found on the web using a google search. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll make it or find it for you.

  2. ニケン says:

    Descentさん, こんにちは!
    I’m so willing to join to contest, since I’m a big fan of keeno! (*´∀`*) I’m from Indonesia!
    My soundcloud link is (I don’t have any youtube account ; ω 😉
    Thank you so much for making this contest!(*≧▽≦)/

    • Descent87 says:

      Awesome, I can’t wait to hear your work! This won’t affect the contest in anyway but if you have time consider making a Youtube account too. I think Soundcloud is awesome but it’s very easy for me to promote YT videos in lots of different ways!

      But seriously don’t worry about it either way, just make an awesome cover!

  3. hahaha1999 says:

    hello ;w;
    i would really like to participate in the contest, and i will be using the yt account , and just like niken, im from indonesia too ;v;
    and may i know how much people are going to participate on this contest by now, and is there a deadline? ;_;

    • Descent87 says:

      So far about 20-25 people have let me know that they will be doing a cover so I’m looking forward to everyone’s work. The deadline is December 15th, winners will be announced by Dec 31st, 2013

  4. Anon says:

    Would other credited off-tracks be alright to use or does it have to be purely keeno’s? (Ex: piano, acoustic, jazz arrange karaoke versions)

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  6. Samuel says:

    Very kind and nice move Amir. I will definitely not participate in the competition but would gladly help you fund the prizes. If you have a way to receive money please tell me 🙂

  7. blabhd says:

    Hi! I’d really like to join this, but I was wondering – how would you give out, say, the first place prize to a group cover? O _O

    • Descent87 says:

      So I know it may sound/seem a bit unfair but while I want to be welcoming to everyone, be aware that I won’t be changing the prizes in any way for groups. The first place prize will consist of more than one item, but nevertheless, it is going to get mailed to one place and then you guys can split it up however you like. I’m sorry if that seems a little unfair, but I’m already paying for the shipping and items at no cost to everyone else and that is the best I can do. I do hope you guys still consider joining.

  8. tyler says:

    Hi!! I am very excited about the contest. I wanted to also let you know that I romanized depth already and if you would like the romaji I can link you to the tumblr post I made. You don’t need to credit me or anything (if that’s a thing that would have happened?????).

  9. Aelita says:


    My bandmate and I are interested in joining the contest. (

    But, he’s a pianist, not a vocalist. Is it okay for him to play a piano accompaniament to the existing off vocal for ‘in the rain’?

    Thank you! We’re from Canada, by the way!

    • Descent87 says:

      Yes a piano accompaniment would be fine too. Let me know if you need to know anything else. Also if there is an off vocal for “in the rain” would you mind sharing it here? People have been asking for it.

  10. Hi! do you have the off-vocals for In The Rain? I would like to join this contest. I’m a very big fan of Keeno and Miku from the Philippines 😀

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  13. Hikari says:

    Hey, I’d love to participate! My username on youtube is smilehikari (: I’ll be posting from the US!

  14. faerimagic says:

    Hello! I would like to let you know that I have made an English cover of “fix” by keeno here: I am posting this video from the USA, and my username is faerimagic! Thank you for creating such a fun contest!

  15. Utsu says:

    I’m going to be entering as well! 😀 It’s really amazing of you to host this competition. I’m in California, so no need to fret over whether or not you can ship, ahahah.
    My YouTube channel is
    Still deciding on a song, but– by any chance is there an off vocal for Dusk? 😦 I couldn’t find one on Keeno’s piapro…

  16. soutane15 says:

    Here is my entry for the contest 🙂 sorry I have no YT account 😦

  17. rimi says:

    Hi descent! I was wondering- is there any chance you could extend the deadline of this competition to December 20 or so? I’d really love to join but it’s impossible for me to record at my dorm and I miss the deadline by just a few days QuQ I completely understand if this isn’t possible though! Thanks!

    • Descent87 says:

      If someone gives me an entry on the 16th or maybe early on the 17th with a good explanation I will consider it but I can’t wait until the 20th. People are rushing in the entries they worked hard on and they might think it is really unfair. I am really sorry I can’t give people that much more time.

  18. literia says:

    can I still join this competition? I really want to~~
    btw, I’m from Indonesia, and this is my YTchannel

  19. Hello Descent! I finished my entry! Thank you for hosting something like this! * A*

    Good luck to all other entries!

  20. Yuu-chan says:

    Uhm, I’ll try to record something in these two days //cries My YT channel is, and I’m from Brazil o v o //hides
    If I make it on time, can I send you the link by PM?

  21. Saph says:

    Hi, I posted to your facebook yesterday already… but I’m a bit paranoid x.x so I’m posting here again… Here’s my entry to the contest
    I go by the name Saph and I live in Switzerland
    I’m sorry for the spam x.x

  22. Rena says:

    Hey ! I’d like to participate ^w^. I’m Rena Sekai on YT. (channel :
    I’ll post from France ! :3

  23. Yuu-chan says:

    I finished my entry! Decided to send here lol Here you go~

  24. k*chan says:

    Hi! ^o^ Name’s k*chan/K-chan and I uploaded entry from the US!


    Good luck to everyone!!

  25. Lemon says:

    I hope we’re not passed the deadline ;; OTL err.
    This is our entry:
    By: @yt:LemonTeabloops (Toronto) @yt:kousei2207 (U.S somewhere)

  26. Ode says:

    Gah, why do I always manage to hear about this stuff SUPER late??

    I finally got home from college as well as finished the transylrics for ‘Glow’ x(

  27. Yuu-chan says:

    Uhm, did you receive my comment here? I didn’t see my entry in the playlist ( I sent to you yesterday orz)

  28. Utsu says:

    IT’S STILL THE 15THM AH—! 😀 I finished my entry on time, ahahah. No time left to render/upload as a video, so I made a soundcloud and posted there!
    Thank you!

  29. Curious person says:

    When the results will be out?

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