“Genesis” Tripshots releases a new track featuring MikuV3

In the days before and after the official release of Hatsune Miku V3 which includes the Hatsune Miku English Voicebank, we have seen lots of releases by well known  producers using the new software. Having been a part of Vocaloid’s history since close to the very the beginning, it was exciting to see producer Tripshots join the ranks of producers releasing new tracks with the software. Tripshots released his new song, “Genesis” on his official NND and YT channels today.

You can watch the PV on his official channel here:

Tripshots has graciously provided access to the VSQX data and offvocal over on his official site.

This song is too short to sub and basically a standard vague trace song from a lyrical perspective but I figured some people might want the romaji and translation so I have provided it here:






Producer Comment: I used MikuV3 and tried making a song. I wound up neglecting the whole “making a video” part of things. Sorry!




eien ni meguru haguruma no

kishimu neiro kara

umareru jiga

This self that is born from the creaking sound of those gears which rotate eternally

Being here 目覚めて




Being here mezamete

imi nado shirazu

tada, aru to

kanjita toshitemo

Being here, having opened those eyes, not knowing the means of it all, having simply sensed one’s existence

消えてゆく 静寂


kieteyuku seijaku

mimimotode sasayaku koe

Gently fading away to silence, a voice which whispers close to one’s ear

新しい 感触と

目の前に広がる 色

atarashii kanshoku to

me no mae ni hirogaru iro

Amidst this new sensation, color spreads before one’s eyes

朽ち果てる その時まで

美しくいて Being there

kuchihateru sonotoki made

utsukushiku ite Being there

Existing beautifully until the time when it will all crumble to dust, Being there


Speaking of V3, I also got the following exciting package in the mail on Saturday. I’m not promising anything yet, but who knows what fun things the next few months will bring?

2013-09-28 14.05.34

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