“Nandesho?” by Deco*27, English Lyrics

I recently got a request or two for the English translation of one of Deco*27’s older songs from his Lovegazer album, “Nandesho?” It is a cute song about love and overcoming difficulties in a relationship featuring several different metaphors revolving around gravity and such. I tried to create a translation that conveys the feeling and metaphors of the song as best as possible in English. I hope Deco fans will enjoy. You can find the romaji lyrics here.



Just what is that which trickles down from those eyes of yours?


It must surely be that which we shed in times both happy and sad



Just what are these feelings that I feel when I see you like this?


I couldn’t call it happy or sad, but my tears begin to fall as well



If we can think of all this as happening for the very first time

きっと泣き虫の現在も 輝き出すよ、たぶん

Then I’m sure that even this tear-filled present will begin to shine, probably


それは悲し涙 嬉し涙 重力は友達、真っ逆さま

It’s those tears of sadness and joy, falling straight down with gravity as their friend

後に出来たそれを 優しさ模様と言ってみたよ

Falling from my eyes after seeing yours, I tried to call them a show of kindness

君を思う 愛し涙 重力に逆らう 水玉様

They are tears that come forth when I think of you who I love, droplets that defy gravity


Today it seems like our eyes are on standby, it’s not an easy job!



Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you like this


But truth be told you’re cute even when you cry


Wanting to see those tear-stained cheeks of yours, I’ll write a song

もだもだする この気持ち、なんでしょ?

Just what is this worried feeling I can’t shake?


それは悲し涙 嬉し涙 零した僕らが 拾った強さ

It’s the strength we gathered as we cried those tears both happy and sad

いつの間にか消えた なんとか模様…、ってなんだっけ?

Suddenly vanishing, just what was that feeling?

手を繋いで 歌を唄う 重力に逆らう 人間様

Holding hands and singing together, a human connection which defies that which weighs us down


What kind of song are we gonna use to help put on that brave face today?



So that even when I have lost all my hair,


And all your teeth have fallen out,


So that we’ll be able to stand steadfast, side-by-side….


嬉し涙 愛し涙 零した僕らが 捨てた弱さ

That weakness of ours that we cast aside as cried tears of joy and sorrow


This song of yours I can only sort of remember is fine just the way it is

口を繋ぎ 君に伝う 引力に従う 恋人様

Our lips come together, obeying those laws of attraction that lead me to you, the one I love

なんとなくを君が塗り替えて ほらまた笑えるように

That is how you recolored those unsettled feelings, so that…hey, we can smile and laugh together again once more


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