keeno contest playlist

keeno!This is the page intended for archiving the 2013 keeno cover contest entries. The official YT playlist as well:

Entry #1: RentandWicked’s mashup of “glow” and “crack”

Entry #2 Aelynn’s “glow” piano version cover

Entry #3 Rubin’s cover of “kiss”, a mikitoP/keeno collaboration

Entry #4 IMORI☆’s English cover of keeno’s raise

Entry #5 rin*’s cover of “kiss” by mikeeno

Entry #6 faerimagic’s English cover of keeno’s fix

Entry #7 smilehikari’s cover of “glow”

Entry #8 Soutane’s acoustic version cover of “in the rain”

Entry #9 CaramelxCreme’s cover of keeno’s fix

Entry #10 Starlightkun’s cover of keeno’s glow with an original PV (piano/strings ver)

Entry #11 はひー/jajy’s cover of kiss

Entry #12 FluxionJunction/shiraru with a nice cover of keeno’s “crack”

Entry #13 HikaC’s cover of “glow”(on YT)

Entry #14 Kenta/iKeMenta’s cover of “fix”

Entry #15 Saph’s cover of glow

Entry #16 Rosa’s cover of glow

Entry #17 Rae’s cover of longing

Entry #18 ミクミクchorus’s 4-man cover of longing

Entry #19 Himina’s cover of “fix”

Entry #20 Yui T. & cheeseman’s cover of “drop”

Entry #21 velleity’s cover of “glow”

Entry #22 JunbugP’s cover of “grief”

Entry #23 Cover group RE:MEMBER’s cover of “crack”

Entry #24 Hikari’s mash-up cover of glow x fix x crack

Entry #25 Kousei.Lemon’s duet glow x fix x Drop mashup

Entry #26 K-chan’s cover of “fix”

Entry #27 Rena’s cover of “raise”

Entry #28 Mirai’s cover of “drop”

Entry #29 Sia’s amazing cover of “in the rain” -acoustic version-

Entry #30 LadyEscalia’s cover of “fix”

Entry #31 Kurai’s mashup cover of dusk x fix x glow

Entry #32 Kenji, Juu, Megumi, Poucet’s cover of glow

Entry #33 pierrot’s cover of “glow”

Entry #34 SaYu’s duet of “glow”

Entry #35 TheHimeRuki’s cover of “glow”

Entry #36 Nazuma’s cover of “drop”

Entry #37 Aswari’s cover of “in the rain”

Entry #38 Regi’s cover of “glow”

Entry #39 Yuu-chan’s entry, a cover of “fix”

Entry #40 utsu’s cover of “drop”

Entry #41 mintzmango’s cover of “bitter”

Entry #42 yoru’s cover of “kiss”

Entry #43 Yumi’s cover of “fix”

Entry #44 Kaname’s cover of “crack”

Entry #45 Nao’s cover of “dusk”

Entry #46 Fay’s cover of “crack”

UNOFFICIAL ENTRY Sayuri/Miyu/Nao’s mashup of their covers for “glow” and “dusk”

Entry #47 Murasagi and Auqa’s cover of “drop”

Entry#48 Apparatus’ UTAU cover of “fix”

17 Responses to keeno contest playlist

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  2. Hi there! I’d like to join this contest (because I am Keeno’s no.1 fan in the Philippines (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) but I have a few problems…

    >my voice is deep; it might sound awkward to you guys ;_;
    >my accent is a bit too foreign when I sing Keeno’s masterpieces
    >people might hate me for mispronouncing words
    >i lack motivation xD

    I want to post an entry but i’m afraid I might not meet your standard for the covers (▰˘︹˘▰)
    Thank you for sharing Keeno’s works with people all over the world!

    P.S : Been trying to cover Glow (Its a bit old but it remains really warm and calming to my ears *_*) and In The Rain (because I really like everything about it) but I can’t look for a decent instrumental for it. xD

    • Descent87 says:

      I hope you will still consider joining, it would be nice to hear more people share their love of keeno. You could even do a Tagalog cover if you like. Please don’t be worried about your voice! If you need help with pronunciation I would be glad to help a little bit.

      I am working on finding a cover for in the rain but the link to the instrumental for glow is in the contest post.

  3. Hikari says:

    Hello! Here is the link for my entry:
    As I stated before, I’m entering from the US (: Thanks so much for hosting this contest!!

  4. soutane15 says:

    hello! i like to join the contest. Am i too late? Here’s my soundcloud ( sorry i have no YT account 😦 I really love Keeno’s songs especially crack and glow. In the rain is awesome the way I’m from Philippines. 🙂

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  6. Chiisana Hikari says:

    HI! I just found this page and I’d really like to join the contest 😀 I’m not really good in singing but I really like the experience. So far I’ve only sang Keeno’s song of Glow after my friend recommended it to me… Here’s the link Greeting from Malaysia 😀 Thanks ^_^

  7. Regi says:

    Descent-san, I’m sorry I don’t know if my entry already passed the deadline or not, but here’s my entry for the keeno contest ;w;)/
    sorry I don’t have time for making a video so I upload this cover in Soundcloud instead ;w;

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