My Favorite Subbers

Translators/Uploaders I Recommend

vgperson Perhaps the most well known and popular translator of Vocaloid works out there. vg-hime is always quick to translate some of the best songs as soon as they come out. I’ll always be grateful of some of the early encoding/subbing advice she gave me. (vg-hime-chan-senpai kirakira shitete kakkoii ne….)

Ame A kind and genki Singaporean translator who loves Kagerou Project & Last Note and has contributed her fair share of awesome Vocaloid translations with beautiful typesetting

Coleena Wu A funny, moe, and very genki, American translator who works hard to put out lots of new releases for popular songs with nice subtitles. Be sure to follow her for exciting new songs every week.

RaineDrops One of my best friends in the Vocaloid Community. Raine doesn’t translate much herself but she plays a large role by subbing TONS of Vocaloid videos using translations by others and posting them for people to enjoy! She is one of the best so be sure to check out her wide collection of released songs.

Jrharbort Productions A good friend of mind who specializes in uploading Vocaloid Electronica and Trance music. I provide translations for songs on his channel from time to time.

Sunny Subs Sunny is a super-talented and hard-working Scandinavian translator who not only uploads lots of excellent translations but also heads the Vocalations Manga Translation Group.

Occasional Subs Occasaional-kun is a translator from Australia who puts lots of effort into not only creating great translations but also a great visual experience through awesome typesetting. Be sure to check out his plethora of uploads.

FreedomT1 A good friend of mine here in Fukushima who is also studying Japanese and who I finally roped into becoming a Vocaloid subber. Not to mention that he is pretty good at what he does. Please sub him and help him get his start down the path of subbing-dom.

5 Responses to My Favorite Subbers

  1. anon says:

    I think these two choose good songs to translate as well. And there’s someone new called OccasionalSubs or something like that who’s done a few so far ^^

    Also, VG is/identifies as female

    • Descent87 says:

      Yeah sorry about the vgperson mix up, that was more a mistake than anything. I know of zcat and getprophetic but don’t know them personally unlike the other translators on this list. OccasionalSubs is a nice guy who I met recently I’ve definitely been watching their translations from time to time.

  2. Anon says: This person’s also makes good translations and takes requests I believe.

  3. raineydayparade says: They do hard subbing as well from time to time 😀 And these two are fairly active translators who take requests :3 and he usually translates somewhat obscure/’unpopular’ songs for anyone reading this and is interested

  4. Raine says: Berry’s YT is deleted, her blogspot & tumblr’s still up but I don’t think she’s gonna remake a YT account since she doesn’t do subbing anymore

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