Who wants to help?

So recently I’ve been thinking more and more about ways that I can continue to translate at a decently high pace, meet requests, and also expand into more consistently offering romaji/karaoke lyrics despite how busy work and others things have become. While the actual translation of songs and such doesn’t take as much time nowadays thanks to my improving language abilities, the actual process of timing/typesetting (especially cool-looking subtitles) and romanization of lyrics eats up a lot of time that I really wish I could use for doing more productive things in the Vocaloid community. I am not stopping what I am doing by any means but I just wanted to put out a call for more people who might be interested in working together with me to help make more videos and songs available to the community. I already have one person who I collaborate with on a fairly regular basis in the wonderful Olivki and I would really like to find a few more. Collaborating with me doesn’t come with deadlines or demands and I am literally willing to accept whatever little bit of help you can provide. To give specifics:

-I’d like more people to volunteer to help with typesetting and subtitles for songs. (Assuming that your tastes aren’t crazy different than mine, I’ll of course be willing to prioritize your requests and stuff). Even if it’s just contacting me from time to time to request a translation while offering to sub it for me, I’ll definitely give it some serious thought.

-I’d also like some people to help romanize the songs I translate so everyone can have the karaoke/romaji lyrics in a reasonable amount of time. For this purpose I don’t even need you to give your work to me to upload. You can upload it on your own blog or social media space and just provide me the info so that I can spread it to Vocaloid fans via my own networks and video uploads.

I hope that I can find a few people willing to help from time to time, so please feel free to contact me via my email (descentsubs@gmail.com) or by leaving a comment on any of my other social media locations. I look forward to working with you.

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16 Responses to Who wants to help?

  1. KITI Hội says:

    well, I’m not a good or professional aegisubber, but if you’re fine with me subbing those easy-to-subtitle songs of YUKISON or other Vocalo-Ps that you haven’t got the time to sub, I think I can help out somehow by timing and adding romaji lyrics to the song for you. It’s not much I know, but I hope it could lessen the huge amount of time-consuming work you already have, even a little bit 😀

  2. Oliver Berg says:

    You know, you could also send me stuff that doesn’t require typesetting, I find as much joy in timing and adding romaji lyrics as I do with typesetting. ^-^

  3. kyarril says:

    *waves* I can also help with typesetting and romanization from time to time 🙂 My typesetting skills are also not as awesome as some other subbers (not only YT but also animes) out there but I think I could manage to do some basic effects moving or growing words (and it’s a good opportunity to train and memorize it)

    • Descent87 says:

      No worries kyarril. Let’s try to do a project together and see how it goes. Can you download videos yourself or do you need help?

      Also let me know what is the best way for us to stay in touch. If you can use my translator email or join my descentsubs facebook page, whatever works for you 😀

  4. zenoob says:

    Hey there Descent. How does romanization work? I mean, is it all kanji or can you include hiragana too? I just started taking Japanese classes this year and know only a few kanji unfortunately.

    I’d really like to help you the best that I can for your translations.

    • Descent87 says:

      Well you can technically use programs to romanize but it will have mistakes and you will have to edit it a lot.

      If you don’t know Japanese well you can use a mouse over dictionary like rikaichan or rikaikun on Firefox or Chrome to do it, but you still need to be able to read hiragana, katakana and also know how to differentiate words and different readings of characters or compounds (if the vocals are clear enough you could use that to confirm).

      If you want, look into one of those apps, look at some romaji, get the general idea and try a song then send it to me and we can talk about how it looks.

      Best of luck with your studies

      • zenoob says:

        Well. I mean, I already know how to read hiragana and katana, and some kanji (nothing too fancy). Kanji are the real problem. I could probably try to romanize and send you a first draft.

        Will try rikaichan/kun someday (I think they’ll be useful outside of the romanization work anyway) too.

      • Descent87 says:

        Yeah do your best and let’s see how it goes. Take you time 😀

        Rikaichan/Rikaikun aren’t just useful imo, they are tools that let low to mid-level Japanese learners have the ability to tackle harder and harder things.

  5. netnerd says:

    I’ve never actually typeset a PV, but I think it would be a fun thing to do sometime. I haven’t used aegisub before, but I like to think that I know my way around After Effects fairly well and could always just render out the video instead of sending you an aegisub file (or I could always just learn how aegisub works. I tend to pick new things up fairly quick).

    In a week or two, I should have some time where I don’t have to worry about school work, so if there’s anything you might want done then, it might be a cool thing to do.

    Feel free to reply if you’re interested in the possibility (or feel free not to if you’re not). Just a heads up though, I tend to procrastinate, so don’t get me to do anything time critical.

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