English/Romaji for Keeno’s “yours” from the album EXISTENCE

jacket01So I’ve recently been doing a lot of hyping of the EXISTENCE album by the circle KLAFT (crossfade). It was released this winter at Comiket 85 and features an amazing collection of Vocaloid Ps including emon, keeno, Heavenz, mafumafu, and 150P just to name a few. The album as a whole is filled with a collection of beautiful and emotional songs all based around the theme of “What is the meaning of your existence?”. For an album that was not marketed in a major way and didn’t have much publicity, it never the less has a variety of amazing tracks like emon’s catchy new song “my feelings emotion”:

I really recommend that people consider buying this album why, and once of the reasons is definitely keeno’s new song, “yours”, which I think is one his very best since his early success with glow. While I love all his works, it has been awhile since I was this hooked on one of them. So today as my first step in providing the full album translation I will post the lyrics and romaji for “yours” here on the blog. Heavenz’s new song “NAVY” is also REDICULOUSLY beautiful and I will be posting that one next (Full tracklist here). Don’t forget that you can buy EXISTENCE from anywhere in the world via Amazon JP

keeno “yours” ft. Hatsune Miku

You warmth still lingered here in this tiny room
Semai heya ni wa mada kimi no netsu ga nokotteite
It slowly melted into the distant sky through that open window
Aketa mado kara sotto tooi sora he toketeitta
What’s enveloped me is a red, burning hue
Watashi wo tsutsunda no wa moeru youna akaneiro
I’m sorry…
Gomen ne
My chest continues to ache with this love that’s unknown to you
Mada mune no oku ni wa kimi ga shiranai koi ga uzuita mama
I love you
Kimi ga suki yo
So much that it hurts
Itai hodo suki yo
So pull me closer, let me forget this pain
Dakara motto daite wasuresasete
With a burning kiss
Yakeru kisu de
With a finger tip brushed across my face
Nazoru yubisaki de
Please help cool this burning desire of mine
Motto motto shiroku someagete
With our bodies close, helping me tightly retie it,
Tsunaida shintai de tokesou na kokoro wo
This heart having seemingly come undone
Sukoshi dake tsuyoku musubinaoshiteitai no
You realize these feelings of mine, right?
Kizuiteiru desho
Don’t just look at me with those gentle eyes of yours…
Sonna ni yasashii hitomi de minaide
I’m sorry…
Gomen ne
Having be just staying close to your smiling face, spoiling myself, clinging to you, smiling…
Tada kimi no egao ni furete amaete sugaritsuite waratteta

All while tears flow from unseen wounds
Mienai kizu kara nagareru namida
I love you.
Kimi ga suki yo
My love for you unchanging even now.
Ima mo zutto suki yo
Thinking about it to the point of breaking down
Okashiku naru hodo omotteiru no
With a kiss burned into my mind
Yakitsuita kisu de
So vivid as to bring me to tears
Kanashiku naru hodo
Forever imprinted in this body of mine…
Zutto zutto shintai ni nokotteiru
I love you.
Kimi ga suki yo
I’ll do this countless times more so that this love won’t be shattered by pretty words
Kirei na kotoba de kowarenai youni kurikaesu yo
重ねていく嘘も塗り潰すようにもっともっと 強く抱きしめて

So that we can paint out all those piled up lies and bluffs, hold ever, ever more tightly…

Kasaneteiku uso mo nuritsubusu youni motto motto tsuyoku dakishimete
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