Deco*27’s “Line” English/Romaji Lyrics from his Decoustic Album

DecozzzReleased about 15 months ago, Deco*27’s “Decoustic” album is a beautiful collection of Deco*27’s vocals and acoustic guitar covering some of his most famous and catchiest Vocaloid tunes. It features some of Deco’s best songs sung in varying styles and you can get a feel for it by watching the crossfade:

The full tracklist is as follows:

01. Line (New Original Work from the Album)
02. 二息歩行 (Two Breaths Walking) Old English Subs
03. レインボーダー (Rainboarder) English Subs by me
04. 砂時計 (Sandglass) More subs by me
05. 弱虫モンブラン (Yowamushi Montblac) Subs by ghostsubs
06. むかしむかしのきょうのぼく (One Upon A Me) Subs by vgperson
07. 愛言葉 (Love Words) Subs by lyger_zero, fara_udje

More info on the album can be found here and you can still buy it from Amazon or iTunes. It’s a great one to add to your Deco collection so don’t miss out!

Today I wanted to bring people the translation and romaji for the original song from the album, “Line”. Please enjoy and definitely consider getting this album!

Deco*27 “Decoustic” Track 1 – “Line”


Crossing it is forbidden

Sore wo koechaikemasen


That invisible line which nevertheless quite certainly exists

Tashika ni aru kedo mienai rain


I still wanted to try and get along together happily

Nakayoku wakeattemitakatta


Try and come over to this side every once in awhile

Tama niwa kocchi oide yo


Vital signs so full of obfuscation and lies

Oousoitsuwari no baitarusain


Quite successfully cut things off right at the neck

Shubiyoku sono kubi wo karitotta


Someone drew this line here between us

Dareka ga hiitanda konna mon


Like some kind of “capture the base”-style game

Jintori geemu nante sa

もう飽き飽きだ ねぇわかるでしょ?

I’m already bored of all this, hey, you understand, right?

Mou akiaki da nee wakaru desho


Though making serious efforts when it comes to what’s right around the each of us

Jibun no mawari dakede seiippai nanoni


What did I eat yesterday?

Kinou no gohan wa nandakke


For us who are always so quick to forget

Sugu wasurete shimau bokura ga

積み重ねてきたものは 穴だらけなんだろう

That which has built up between us, it’s just full of holes isn’t it?

Tsumikasanetekita mono wa ana darake nandarou


What day was yesterday?

Kinou wa nanyoubi dakke


In the end it doesn’t even really matter does it?

Kekkyoku doudemoii no kamo ne


Not even one thing has been properly conveyed between us

Nanihitotsu tadashiku nante tsutawatte wa konakattanda


I hate lies standing atop lies

Uso no ue ni tatte uso wo kiratteimasu


I hate that sense of being “strangers” imposed upon us

Hito no ue ni tatte tanin wo kiratteimasu


I pluck a flower and praise the present

Hana wo hikkonuite kyoubi hometeimasu


Hate between people who share so much is a terrible thing

Douzoku keno hanahadashiinda


“Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend”

Kinou no teki wa kyou no tomo


“If such a thing is possible”

Sonna kotoba ga arieru no nara


Why have we drawn this line between us?

Bokura nande sen wo hiita no


Yesterday’s enemy is today’s enemy

“Kinou no teki wa kyou no teki”


It was you all who taught me that

Sou oshieta no wa anatagata

さぁ。。。その赤い血で 覚悟を示してよ

Well then, show me your resolve with that red blood of yours

Saa…sono akai chi de kakugo wo shimeshite yo


What was yesterday’s dinner?

Kinou no gohan ga nandatte


For us who are always so quick to forget

Sugu wasureteshimau bokura ga

積み重ねてきたものに 意味なんてあったのかな

All that has piled up between us, did it have any meaning or significance?

Tsumikasanetekita mono ni imi nante atta no kana


What day is tomorrow again?

Ashita ga nanyoubi datta


In the end things don’t seem to change

Kekkyoku kawaranainda yo


Not a single thing seems to be able to get across…

Nanhitotsu tadashiku nante tsudaete wa ikenainda

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