“fade” by Keeno ft. Gumi and other songs from “Innovator-HUMAN”


Last month after some consideration I finally decided to put in an order for “Innovator-HUMAN”, a 2011 Vocaloid collaboration album. This decision was largely due to the chance to own and translate keeno’s one and only song featuring Gumi, which has been requested by many fans as well as being one of my personal favorites. However another side benefit was the chance to hear a wide range of works by other well known producers such as Kikuo, BuriruP, BuzzG, and nana(Sevencolors). I was definitely not disappointed when I received it and the album still hasn’t left the CD player in my car after almost 3 weeks. I was so taken by some of the songs on the album that I decided to translate my favorites which had PV’s that were released by the producer. I am also currently working on another (terrible) utattemita from the album as well.

Let’s begin by taking a look at keeno’s “fade”, to date his only song featuring Gumi. I feel a little conflicted in linking this video, especially since it has not been officially released by keeno-san, but at this point 2 years have passed and sadly you can now only buy this album through proxy service from Japan. (if you have a strong interest though, please let me know and I will help you) Hopefully this will be amended in some way in the near future, possibly with another keeno PV release.

You can find the translation and romaji for the song here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mrBoG0zDnPlu70Ljm1wLT1rd9YLpzbiqEwBDa4FS4eA/edit?usp=sharing

(Note: This was hastily done tonight, I will try to check for typos in the near future, but in the meantime just let me know)

Our next song is “The Evolutionary Theory of Delusion” (妄想進化論), an amazing Vocarock song by koyori/DenpolP that has become my favorite song of the month, I just can’t stop listening. This vague but emotionally powerful song about the manner in which someone can become enveloped by their delusions doesn’t really have a positive message, but rather a realist one that can really strike a chord. My translation was done on a video featuring a fanmade-PV by Tomisaka-san. Their interpretation of the song, featuring a school girl which falls in love with her teacher is a great use of the songs lyrics and themes.

“Dilemma” by BuriruP comes next and is another favorite of mine, both for it’s catchy and accented singing style, but also because Shoujo Ai is the one true, pure love 😀 This short and sweet song about the “forbidden love” is a pleasure to listen to:

The final song I’d like to share is a simple “school girl in love”-style piece by NekomushiP called “The Name I Can’t Call Out” which tells the adorable story of a very shy girl who has a hard time talking to the person she loves. It features some cute art, a catchy chorus, and a super adorable ending filled with Miku’s “la-la-la”s. Check it out:

I hope you enjoyed this collection of songs as much as I did. Please feel free to add any comments or ask any questions related to the songs, producers, lyrics, or album in question. As I mentioned, it is still possible to buy Innovator-HUMAN though it may take some effort and I will be glad to assist those who are interested.

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