Let’s “Conti New” with “Starlight Girl”!

Starlight GirlA story about a guy who fell in love with a shooting star or a metaphor about sharing a special moment with someone whom you may never see again? Pick your poison of beautiful moving sadness and get lost in another dreamy dose of musical and lyrical goodness from Deco*27. In terms of words/meanings to look out for, there’s nothing much but I do love how Deco-sama talks about the “pool of love” in guy’s heart where the his tears keep flowing right after he talks about how he can’t “fill” that loneliness of his (which I called “hole in inside me”). Also for kanji learners, in the stanza about the wind snatching away his feelings and hopes, Deco first uses the kanji 掴む (tsukamu) for “grasp” take hold, and then switching to 攫う (sarau) for “snatch take away” which would be insignificant since the meaning is different, except that the kanji 攫 also appears in the other writing of tsukamu, which is 攫む. It’s just another neat little touch of Deco adding some random connection and parallelism into his lyrical word choices.

As always, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy this album, cause I promise to keep translating it all the way through! http://www.amazon.co.jp/Conti-New-DVD%E4%BB%98-DECO-27/dp/B00I3LHL9Q

Starlight Girl ft. Hatsune Miku

Music and Lyrics by Deco*27

Japanese/English/Romaji Lyrics

覗こんだ 星の部屋は

That room of stars we peered into

Nozokikonda hoshi no heya wa

二人だけの 秘密の夜

A secret for just the two of us

Futari dake no himitsu no yoru

肩を寄せて 分け合う温度

Shoulders drawing close, sharing our warmth

Kata wo yosete wakeau ondo

聞こえたかな。。。? この鼓動

Could you hear them? Those heartbeats of mine….

Kikoeta kana kono kodou


ねえくるくるまわってる 世界に一人だけ

Hey, going round and round, there’s no one else like you

Nee kurukuru mawatteru sekai ni hitori dake

もうドキドキ止まらない Starlight Girl

My heart won’t stop racing, Starlight Girl

Mou dokidoki tomaranai Starlight Girl


離れたら見上げてよ 星のパズル

If we’re separated, look up towards that puzzle in the sky

Hanaretara miagete yo hoshi no pazuru


Though I don’t know your name or form

Namae mo katachi mo wakaranai kedo

降り注ぐ光は あの日のまま

The starlight pours down just like it did back then

Furisosogu hikari wa ano hi no mama


It’ll keep shining on that moment when we’ll meet once more

Mata au toki wo zutto terashiteiku


手を伸ばせば 掴めるのに

Though I felt like I could reach you if I just stretched out my hand,

Te wo nobaseba tsukameru noni

近いだけの 2人の距離

We were so close and yet…

Chikai dake no futari no kyori

頬を撫でた 風が攫む

The wind which brushes against my cheeks just carries them away

Hoho wo nadeta kaze ga sarau

この気持ちと 願いこと

Those feelings and hopes of mine

Kono kimochi to negai koto


ねえくるくる踊ってる パッと明るくなる

Hey, you dance round and round, growing bright in the blink of an eye

Nee kurukuru odotteru patto akarukunaru

流れ星見つけた Starlight Girl

I found my shooting star, Starlight Girl

Nagareboshi mitsuketa Starlight Girl


繰り返す祈りは 星のルズム

These unending prayers of mine follow the rhythm of the stars

Kurikaesu inori wa hoshi no rizumu


Please just whisk away the two of us to somewhere far away

Kono mama futari wo tsuresatte yo

さよならが呼んでる もう行かなきゃ

But the time for goodbye is now, and you’d better get going…

Sayonara ga yonderu mou ikanakya



“It’s OK, we’ll surely meet again someday”

Mata aeru kara


そんな嘘ついて キミは消えた

Whispering that sweet lie, you disappeared

Sonna uso tsuite kimi wa kieta


Seeing you off, tears began to run and my vision blurred

Senaka miokuru shikai ga nijimu


あれから3年経った この場所に私はまだ一人

It’s been three years since that day and I’m still here in this place all alone

Arekara san nen tatta kono basho ni watashi mada hitori

ねえねえ聞いてよ 友達がたくさん増えたよ

Hey, hey, you hear? I’m made a whole lot of friends since then

Nee nee kiite yo tomodachi ga takusan fueta yo

でも寂しさは 埋まらないの

But I still haven’t been able to fill up this hole you left inside me

Demo sabishisa wa umaranai no


流れる涙の その行方は

These flowing tears of mine

Nagareru namida no sono yukue wa

心に溢れる 好きのプールさ

They all wind up in that overflowing pool of love in my heart

Kokoro ni afureru suki no puuru sa


降り注ぐ光は あの日のまま

The starlight pours down just like it did back then

Furisosogu hikari wa ano hi no mama


It keeps shining on that moment when we’ll meet again once more

Mata au toki wo zutto terashiteiru


Starlight Girl

Starlight Girl

Starlight Girl

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