Deadline Approaching! keeno Cover Contest Entries keep coming in!

keeno__________SWith the December 15th deadline for entries fast approaching, more and more amazing singers from all over the world are kindly sharing their hard work and amazing covers with us! I hope you send in yours as well! Don’t forget that you can keep up with all the entries here in the official playlist! After entries are closed, we will have a judging period that will last until the end of the year and the announce the winners of the prizes right in time for New Years! Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the new entries from the past two days:

First we have Starlightkun’s cover of keeno’s glow (the piano/strings version) with an original PV:

Next is はひー/jajy’s beautiful cover of mikitoP and keeno’s kiss:

FluxionJunction released a great cover of keeno’s “crack”:

After hearing these I am getting more and more excited for the other entries that are likely to come in! Everyone seems to have worked really hard, ne? Don’t forget about the December 15th deadline!

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2 Responses to Deadline Approaching! keeno Cover Contest Entries keep coming in!

  1. hikariichu says:

    A-ah, I’m not sure if you’ll get my entry in time through Tumblr, so here is my entry! ; u;)/

    Thank you for hosting this! It was a lovely idea and I’m sure that many people, including me, had fun singing!! ; U;)/

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