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keeno “in the rain” CONTEST RESULTS -Congratulations and Let’s Look to the Future-

Happy 2014 everyone! So a whole 17 days have past since the due date for the inaugural descentsubs “in the rain” keeno cover contest and now that it is officially 2014 everywhere in the world, it is time to announce … Continue reading

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Deadline Approaching! keeno Cover Contest Entries keep coming in!

With the December 15th deadline for entries fast approaching, more and more amazing singers from all over the world are kindly sharing their hard work and amazing covers with us! I hope you send in yours as well! Don’t forget … Continue reading

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keeno’s “tears” from the “in the rain” album (English/Romaji)

So there’s about a month left for entry submissions in the keeno “in the rain” Cover Song Contest and I’m eagerly awaiting all the awesome covers that will surely be coming in the next few weeks. I recently released the … Continue reading

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keeno “in the rain” Cover Contest PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT:

Well thanks to some good luck and excellent timing, the very last part of this year’s keeno Cover Contest prize bonanza was assembled today! I apologize for keeping everyone waiting, but due to my work schedule it has been quite … Continue reading

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Our 1st keeno Contest Entry! Contest Playlist and Blog Page links too

Our first finished entry into the keeno “in the rain” cover contest is now here! RentandWicked from over on YT decided to treat us to a mashup of keeno’s “glow” and “crack”. Check it out here: With our first official … Continue reading

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Of Miku, School Lunches, Festivals, Frying Pan Miso Soup and Other Things (Japan Update 2)

So it’s been awhile since my last update from Japan, but I figured I might as well spend some time putting together a collection of interesting and amusing experiences from that past month for people who are interested. I’ve had … Continue reading

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Announcing the “in the rain” Keeno Cover Song Contest!

Today I would like to announce the opening of a cover/utattemita contest that I hope will help generate lots of interest in the one of the best Vocaloid producers out there today. Since arriving on the Vocaloid scene by releasing … Continue reading

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