Hello, it’s nice to see you all again :D (これからもよろしく)

Konachan.com - 194345 sampleI’m very happy to say that after 4 long months in the wilderness of YT ban-land, the appeals process finally managed to work for me and thankfully I was able to have my channel restored. I’ll try to be careful about thumbnails in the future (but it’s no longer a problem since that one and only problem was from the old automatically generated thumbnail era). I’ll admit I’m still in a little bit of a shock at all this happy news and the outpouring of support I’ve gotten from all my friends and viewers. Thank you all so much. I promise that I’ll soon start putting all the time I can save by not having to reupload to good use and I hope to start translating and releasing different projects bit by bit. Of course I’ll still keep my new channel just in case and for possibly other projects but for now I’ll be returning to my old home. Feel free to check out and resubscribe over at my descentsubs channel page. Yoroshiku!

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3 Responses to Hello, it’s nice to see you all again :D (これからもよろしく)

  1. The Wolf says:

    Congratulation Descent-san 😀 Hope to see your works in the time to come.
    私は あなたを もっと 応援します。:D

  2. Missed the initial announcement but glad to see you have your channel back. Congratulations!

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