“lying” Keeno ft. Hatsune Miku Append


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Today we have a translation for a song that has appeared in both of keeno’s albums: “at dusk” and “in the rain”. It has been requested several times and I finally took the time to type it up. Be sure to check out this beautiful song if you get your hands on either album!

English/Romaji/Kanji Lyrics

With a contrast of red and blue, the world slowly began to turn,
Aka to ao no kontorasuto de sukoshi zutsu sekai ga mawaridashite
気付いてしまったの 遅かったみたい
By the time I noticed it, I was a little too late
Kizuiteshimatta no osokatta mitai
キミの声 指先 その感触
Your voice, the touch of your fingertips
Kimi no koe, yubisaki, sono kanshoku
いつもどこかで探してる ココで一人見つめてた
Always searching for it, I was here looking on all alone
Itsumo dokoka de sagashiteru koko de hitori mitsumeteta

今日の空は悲しいくらい 私を一人にしていくから
Since the sky of today leaves me stuck here alone in the saddest of ways,
Kyou no sora wa kanashii kurai watashi wo hitori ni shiteiku kara
I try to keep thoughts of you preserved ever so gently in the deepest depths of my heart
Kono mune no zutto oku no oku ni kimi no koto wo sotto shimaikondemita
深く深く息をする 暗く暗く閉じ込める 深い深い夜のすみ
Breathing ever so deeply, enveloped in the darkness, here in the deep recesses of the night
Fukaku fukaku iki wo suru kuraku kuraku tojikomeru fukai fukai yoru no sumi
痛い ツライの ねえ
It hurts, it hurts so bad…hey, can you hear me?
Itai tsurai no ne~

These eyes that just can to nothing but search desperately for you just want to disappear
Kono me ga kimi wo toraeru hodo ni kakusenakunaru kieteshimatai no
If this hand of mine could reach you, things would surely be settled.
Kono te ga kimi ni todoiteshimaeba kitto owari nano
That’s how I felt and yet….
Sonna ki ga shiteita no ni

In this world you shaped for me I was able to laugh so easily
Kimi ga katachizukuru sekai de watashi wa kitto umaku waraeteta
いっそ何もかも嘘にしてしまえば ずっとココにいれるのに
If it could all become a lie then I could just stay here peacefully
Isso nanimokamo uso ni shiteshimaeba zutto koko ni ireru no ni
This world that you gave color to, it’s a bit too bright for my tastes
Kimi de irozuita sekai wa watashi ni wa sukoshi mabushisugiru no
I just try to turn the truth on its head
Isso nanimokamo uso ni shitehimau yo
All I want is to never have to face this reality
Zutto furezu ni ireba yokatta

Though that voice of yours can still pierce its way straight through my heart,
Sono koe wa mune ni tsukisasaru kedo
わかってるの 私のモノじゃない
I know that you’re not mine to hold
Wakatteru no watashi no mono janai

あと少し私の中にいてよ 嘘でもいいの
Just stay in this heart of mine a little bit longer, even if it’s all a lie
Ato sukoshi watashi no naka ni ite yo uso demo ii no
Let me hold on to these feelings
Kono kimochi de isasete
この手をキミへ伸ばしてく程 ずっと遠くなる
I reach out these hands of mine further and further trying to reach you
Kono te wo kimi e nobashiteku hodo zutto tookunaru
I’ll never be able to get there I’m sure,
Watashi ni wa todokanai n desho
I knew that and yet…
Wakatteta no ni

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