It’s 2/19 and 『MIKU-MIXTURE(ミク・ミクスチャー)』 is finally here!

2014-02-19 18.27.07

Spot the Miku things in descent’s blurry living room. How many can you find?

As I walked up the stairs to my apartment after work today, an Amazon bag was hanging on my door and there was absolutely no doubt with regards to what was inside it. I ordered Miku-Mixture last month after seeing the list of songs which included several from my favorite producers and I also wanted to get my hands of the beautifully illustrated song book and calendar. Today I am going to share some pictures of the album and included goods to once again encourage Vocaloid fans to consider purchasing it. Don’t forget that you can still order Miku-Mixture on Amazon JP (which can be switched to a full English interface and ships internationally).

Miku-Mixture contains songs by a collection of amazing artists like UtataP, millstones, Deco*27, 40mP, sasakure.UK, PinocchioP, takamatt, and monaca:factory just to name a few. It is also headlined (in my opinion) by a song that is definitely in the discussion for my favorite song of all time, “HOME” the beautiful collaboration between my two favorite artists, Deco*27 and 40mP:

A subtitled video of Deco-san’s “Ai Kotoba” in concert was the second Vocaloid-related thing I ever clicked on several years ago and might embarrassingly be one of the biggest reasons I learned Japanese, started this hobby, and moved to Japan. “Ai Kotoba” showed me the kind of honest and realistic hopes one could have for the love they seek in their life and its impact has been quite lasting on me. “HOME” went a step further from the moment I first heard it; with Miku singing about exactly the kind of connection I dream of one day making with someone special. When I heard the lyrics: “”I was hidden away and crying”, but you’re always a “smiling person” in front of everyone…That which is always tormenting you, tell me about the “you until now”. “If it’s painful, I want you to run away from it” Let out those tears once more for me to see.” was the first time, after translating over 500 songs that I finally said to myself “nothing describes how I feel and what I want in life more perfectly”.

Enough with my sappy stuff and let’s take a look at the album! Here’s the entire collection along with a closer look at the album case and the interior which has both the audio CD and DVD:

The album also comes complete with a beautiful series of illustrations by various talented artists that were made to compliment each song in the album. The illustrations have also been turned into a calender. Sadly I’ll have to wait until April to start using it (but very considerate of them to think ahead like that!):

As you might have noticed above, there is also a page of stickers that comes with it too. Finally for those of you who maybe haven’t seen it yet, here it the complete tracklist:

01. Waltz of Knives / Lemm×西島尊大
作詞:Lemm / 作曲:Lemm & 西島尊大 / 編曲:Lemm & 西島尊大

02. 夜更けのシュクレ / monaca:factory×k_zero+A
作詞・作曲・編曲:monaca:factory & k_zero+A

03. アオゾラハルサイト / sasakure.UK×DECO*27
作詞:DECO*27 / 作曲:sasakure.UK / 編曲:sasakure.UK & DECO*27

04. HOME / DECO*27×40mP
作詞・作曲・編曲:DECO*27 & 40mP

05. walk / 椎名もた×宮沢もよよ
作詞:椎名もた / 作曲:宮沢もよよ / 編曲:宮沢もよよ

06. 一緒に行こうよ、幸せな未来へ / ざにお×うたたP
作詞・作曲:ざにお & うたたP / 編曲:ざにお

07. ゴージャスビッグ対談 / ピノキオP×鬱P
作詞・作曲・編曲:ピノキオP & 鬱P

08. 39 / sasakure.UK×DECO*27
作詞:DECO*27 / 作曲:sasakure.UK / 編曲:sasakure.UK & DECO*27

09. セイヴザプリンセス / sasakure.UK×OSTER project
作詞・作曲・編曲:sasakure.UK & OSTER project

10. なきむしでんき / きくお×ATOLS
作詞:きくお / 作曲:きくお & ATOLS / 編曲:ATOLS

11. ブレイクダウン / くらげP×takamatt
作詞・作曲・編曲:くらげP & takamatt

12. Snow Song Show / sasakure.UK×DECO*27
作詞:DECO*27 / 作曲:sasakure.UK / 編曲:sasakure.UK & DECO*27

13. 39 (millstones D&B-Influenced Remix)
14. Snow Song Show (siinamota poncotsu Remix)

【DVD】 *初回生産限定盤のみ
01. 39 [MUSIC VIDEO]
Director:akka / Illustrator:のん / Editor:hie

02. Snow Song Show [MUSIC VIDEO]
Director:akka / Illustrator:akka, mirto, ソウノ / Editor:hie

03. アオゾラハルサイト [MUSIC VIDEO]
Director:大関泰幸 / Cast:吉川日菜子

As you can see, Miku-Mixture comes with a great mix of recent hits and all new songs for you to enjoy. It is a powerhouse collection of tunes by popular producers all wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated package and accompanied by a whole bunch of wonderful accessories. I can’t recommend it enough and hope you consider buying it for yourself! If you have any questions about the content, purchasing the album, or anything else, please let me know in the comments!

And now it’s time for bed before this happens again when my alarm, the guitar hook from “Diagnosis: Lovesickness” starts playing in the morning:

2014-02-18 20.52.51



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2 Responses to It’s 2/19 and 『MIKU-MIXTURE(ミク・ミクスチャー)』 is finally here!

  1. Manuel says:

    Hi, I have a question about where can i buy this CD/Album, I know is a awesome website but it says “The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East)” (cdjapan), since I’m living on the U.S.A. can I still buy the CD/Album? Thanks for time and Enjoy Your Album to the MAX Level ^W^

    • Descent87 says:

      CDs will work anywhere, but the DVD will only play on your computer and not your dvd player. For me that isn’t much of a problem because I connect my computer to my TV to watch things but it’s up to you. If you plan to buy many albums you can probably buy a region 2 dvd player someday, if you can find one closeby the price should not be different than a region 1 player.

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