Chiisana Sensou (Tiny War) from Dance Dance VOCALO MUSIC Vol.3

61F3IcqJMXL._SL500_AA300_Today I’d like to fulfill a request while also making a plug for an extremely underrated but excellent Vocaloid album that fans of Vocahouse/pop/electro-style music will surely enjoy. I recently discovered “Dance Dance VOCALO MUSIC Vol.3” when a wonderful Aoki Lapis song on the album was requested by an anonymous Vocaloid fan. I loved the song so much I looked into the album and decided to buy it myself. (It actually just became available on Amazon!) The album contains several cute and catchy electropop  with love themes by nana(sevencolors), emon, and East New Sound. The Extended Mix of Electrotrain, a song many of you might know is also part of the album. To get a taste of what is included in this album please give “Chiisana Sekai”, created by kirin from the circle “East New Sound”, a listen:



Tiny War/Chiisana Sensou

(Note: As always it’s hard to find explicit meaning in electro lyrics, but this song is likely about a person who has fallen in love with someone that they just can’t quite catch up to. I mean that in the sense that even though they love them (and the other person might potentially have feelings too) the realities of life and such continue to get between them and make it so that their love/relationship isn’t realized fully.)

遠すぎて届かない世界 それは悲しい世界

A world where things seem so far they can’t be reached, a truly sad and sorrowful place

Tooisugite todokanai sekai sore wa kanashii sekai

目を閉じて見えない世界 それは悲しい世界

A world experienced with eyes closed and unable to see, a truly sad and sorrowful place

Me wo tojite mienai sekai sore wa kanashii sekai

春に咲く向日葵みたい それは寂しい世界

Like a sunflower blooming in spring all alone (note: they usually bloom in summer), a truly lonely place

Haru ni saku himawari mitai sore wa sabishii sekai

夏に会う綺麗な雪が見せた矛盾の仕組み  振り向く

Having been shown the entirety of the contradiction by meeting a beautiful snowflake in summer, just looking back over my shoulder

Natsu ni au kirei na yuki ga miseta mujun no shikumi, furimuku


A world where I wrote down my feelings on a piece of paper and hurled them as far as they could go

Tsutaetai kimochi wo egaita kami wo tobashita sekai

空に舞う紙吹雪綺麗だね流れた涙 触れ合う

That confetti fluttering about in the sky is quite beautiful…having thought that as those tears flowed. I brush against you for a moment…

Sora ni mau kamifubuki kirei da ne nagareta namida, fureau


Quite like the color of a Sakura tree which blooms in the fall, a truly lonely world

冬に会う陽炎胸に焼けた地面に伝う 綻び

That heat haze met in the dead of winter continues along the baked and scorched earth in my heart, that open seam continues to stretch apart…


These feelings I want to convey will sometime exceed the speed of light

Tsutaetai kimochi wa itsuka hikari no hayasa koete

あの丘に辿り着いた貴方に旋律乗せて 届いて

They will reach you who have struggled on to the top of that distant hill and deliver this melody

Ano oka ni tadoritsuita anata ni senritsu nosete todoite

I hope you enjoyed this piece and please consider buying the album to support these wonderful artists!

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