Translations from doriko’s 「unformed」 Album

doriko-sanSo a few months ago, I was asked several US students to provide rough translations for several songs from doriko’s 2009 unformed album for the sake of getting approval for singing choral arrangements of the songs at a event at their school. Since I’m always glad to help out in that kind of situation, I translated the requested songs and put them up on google docs. However, up until now I have forgotten to share them with other fans as well. So today I wanted to create a post that compiles my (and several other people’s translations from the album for those that might be interested. As I mentioned they are rough (as in I didn’t try to make the English pretty or refined, I just did them and left them as is)

For those of you who might not be familiar with him, doriko is a well-known and successful producer who was especially active in the early years of Vocaloid from 2008-2010. Here is a link to his Vocaloid Wiki profile. He has produced several iconic Vocaloid songs, with perhaps the most famous being “Romeo and Cinderella”:

“unformed” was released in 2009 and was a rather large album containing a mix of doriko’s popular songs from NND with several album exclusive works. Though nowadays it is a bit rare and hard to get, collectors can still obtain it from several sellers on Amazon and likely from other Japanese music retailers as well.

“unformed” Playlist:

(Source: Hatsune Miku Lyrics Wiki)

The links below from the title will direct to the Japanese lyrics for reference. Links on the right-hand side will direct to translations.

  1. Rainbow Outline
  2. 夕日坂 (Sunset Hill) / Translation by defres/Pockydestiny
  3. ぶちぬけ!2009! (Bust it up! 2009!) / My translation for the 2008 version
  4. G-A-M-E / My translation
  5. Winter Alice / Translation by marvelangga on AnimeLyrics
  6. 通勤快速 (Commuting Express) / My translation
  7. みっくりすます(from ジングルベル/ My subtitled video from Christmas 2011
  8. Astraea (blue mix) / My translation
  9. 歌に形はないけれど (Though (this) Song(s) has no form) perhpas doriko’s 2nd most famous work / Subbed video featuring marvelangga’s lyrics from AnimeLyrics
  10. Alive / My translation
  11. モノクロアクト(Monochrome Act) / Translation by Neko
  12. letter song/ Translation by Alvin Paul Malinis
  13. 歌に形はないけれど(Piano Re-arrange ver) / Same translation as above
  14. さいたま・さいた(ボーナストラック)/ Only Romaji Lyrics here but it’s a simple and nice song

If anyone is wanting to use my translations for videos (that have been officially released and available above), please feel free to do so. Also if you have any questions or want clarification, please feel free to ask.

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