Our 1st keeno Contest Entry! Contest Playlist and Blog Page links too

Our first finished entry into the keeno “in the rain” cover contest is now here! RentandWicked from over on YT decided to treat us to a mashup of keeno’s “glow” and “crack”. Check it out here:

With our first official entry comes the time to set up the page and playlist to keep track of the contest. So as the entries continue to roll in, please feel free to use the following two links to stay abreast of things:

keeno contest YT playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN_QRh8mYIuHqZEgqbbiNZvYC-wGYU4_m

keeno cover contest blog page: https://descentsubs.wordpress.com/in-the-rain-keeno-cover-playlist/

I can’t wait to hear more and be sure stay up to date as more songs roll in.


I’m not yet sure that I’ve made the right decision but I decided to change my YT channel name to the same name that I’ve been translating under all this time on other sites. My channel is now titled “Descentsubs” and can be found in the same place as usual on YT. I also have a Descentsubs google+ page now, so while it is pretty bare bones you can add it if you like and I will post updates there as well.

Descentsubs on google+


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3 Responses to Our 1st keeno Contest Entry! Contest Playlist and Blog Page links too

  1. WOOO Descent I am so honoured to be the first! I’ve been avoiding google+ like the plague

    • Descent87 says:

      Same. I also hate this new one channel thing. But if I want to change my name I have to accept it. I’m still torn and might go back but I do wish my name would stay “descentsubs” on YT, so this might have to be what I gotta do.

      • I’m not sure if they’ll allow you to just keep your name , I’d have to check youtube’s help section for that. I really like keeping all my accounts separate , it makes it easier to manage and seriously no one uses google + its sad they are forcing everyone to use it

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