Presenting Kurousa-P’s newest work: “Shalala” (And an update)

Sorry its been forever since I’ve updated the blog but I have just been really busy the past few weeks with the beginning of the semester, going to Ohayocon to present some Vocaloid panels, and trying to catch up on all varieties of translation work. In the meantime I do have a bit of translation-related news. Thanks to some kind offers of help I have been able to add several editors who are willing to assist me with some proofreading and rephrasing suggestions. This will hopefully help me churn out translations with a higher quality that are free of the grammatical errors I sometimes miss as well. I’ve also added a Facebook page that you can follow me on for more updates if you would like.

So today’s video is from the talented producer of Senbonzakura fame, Kurousa-P. The song carries a beautiful message of equality and love across the world. Kurousa’s own comments were: “Hoping that this song will echo throughout the world. Everybody Clap Your Hands!”. It features a wonderful semi-animated PV with an absolutely adorable depiction of Miku. Feel free to enjoy it’s wonderful message and music for yourself:

If you take a look around the blog you will notice that I have made some minor changes and updates to the different pages. I will continue to update and complete the request list as best I can. Be on the look out for more updates and improvements in the near future. This week might be a little slow as well due to some schoolwork and the need to catchup on some minor tasks like making romaji and updating some old videos, but as always be on the lookout for new translations and wonderful songs.

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3 Responses to Presenting Kurousa-P’s newest work: “Shalala” (And an update)

  1. anon says:

    Good luck with everything! I haven’t really noticed any major mistake but sometimes you do use the wrong “its/it’s”, but it’s a common mistake with people (personally I find it easier to just write without using too many contractions.)

    • Descent87 says:

      Yeah exactly, sometimes its hard to catch mistakes when you type it yourself. I read it 2 or 3 times but unless I want to waste 1 hours I can’t always be perfect.

      • anon says:

        Well stuff like that can be edited with annotations, I’d rather it be spelling mistakes than extremely inaccurate translations :3

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