Team Kamiuta begins a new song series with “Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi”

Just released yesterday by Team Kamiuta, “Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi” is the first song in a new storytelling series they have titled “The New Testament: The Gods’ Sealed Eden”. The setting and theme of the primary plot of this song occurs in Edo (now Tokyo) in old Japan. However as the song progresses, we catch mysterious glimpses of two characters from a futuristic world, an older woman who appears to be a scientist named “Mira” and a young white-haired girl named “Eve”. Eve seems to be either time-traveling or experiencing simulations of that old Edo-period setting which comprises most of the song. She is also hinted at being immortal and is seemingly being taught how to understand human emotions and feelings. There are many unanswered questions after our first episode but this is definitely something to look forward to. There are many more translator notes on the language and setting of the song included below the video, so be sure to check them out.

Had several questions about the title in English. The title is actually sung in the song once and I translate it but I just thought the Japanese title is more aesthetically pleasing. It’s probably best translated as “The petals are of Sakura Trees, the person is you”.

UPDATE: We now have a little bit of info on our characters and setting thanks to Team Kamiuta’s blog: (Concept drawings also here)

Story Outline: “This is a tale from the future. A future world where the advancement of science has led the manufacturing of artificial human life to become commonplace. One particular scientist, Mira, is engaged in a project seeking to develop immortality. Eve was the first surviving test subject and thus the experiment’s first success. However in the end it must be said that artificially created beings are simply empty receptacles in the shape of a human. Thus for the sake of giving Eve knowledge and a sense of heart Mira has made her undergo time leaps to countless dates in the past. On that day, the place Eve finally arrived at was a far eastern island nation (Japan) in a time long, long ago. What she saw there was a young man and young girl. “

Character Outline:
-Eve (age??) Female
A man-made being capable of perpetual young who was created by the scientist Mira.
-Mira (28) Female
Eve’s creator
-Hana (18) Female
A young girl who works at the town’s tea shop
-Gin (20) Male
A young man who works at the town’s blacksmith


The romaji was a bit difficult to make for this song, since the pronunciation is hard to hear in some parts and some words are rather blended but I hope my notes help make it clear. Be sure to listen to the song to get a better feel as you prepare to sing it. Hearing it with a human voice in Team Kamiuta’s other version of the song might also help.

“Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi”
Production by Team Kamiuta

Translation/Romanization by Descent87
This romanization is a bit difficult, especially if trying to reflect what is being sung. (The hyphens “-” I used are to show placed where the words are seemingly blended, listening to the song will help you improve the accuracy I assume)

此処は東方 samurai cool この世をば我が 世とぞ踊る 1、2
Koko wa touhou, samurai cool, kono yo-o-ba waga yo-tozo-odoru one, two
ぐでんぐでんの蒼 ぐでんぐでんの蒼
Gudenguden no ao, Gudenguden no ao,

此処は大江戸 oiran girl 望月の春 永久と舞って 3、4
Koko wa ooedo, oiran gaaru, mochizuki no haru, towa-to-matte, san, shi
ぐでんぐでんの蒼 ぐでんぐでんの蒼
Gudenguden no ao, Gudenguden no ao,

いついつ出会えましょう? 夜明けの晩などいかがでしょう?
Itsuitsu deaemashou? Yoake no ban nado ikaga deshou?
僕は滑って籠の中 ゆるりゆるゆるり赤に染まる
Boku wa subette kago no naka, yururiyuruyururi aka ni somaru
Shoumen daare?

Nara, isso
桜爛漫現世(うつしよ)の 薄桃色をした紅をさします
Sakura ranman utsushiyo no usu momoiro o shita beni o sashimasu
その愛執染着馴れの果て 君と二人ぼっち
Sono aishuuzenchaku nare no hate, kimi to futaribocchi
ほら ほら 綺麗でしょう
Hora, hora, kirei deshou

此処は神州 冥界 road  吾妻はや刻下 ダブっちゃって何て
Koko wa shinshuu, meikai (sounds like myoukai) roudo, azumahaya kokka, dabucchatte nante
ぐでんぐでんの蒼 ぐでんぐでんの蒼
Gudenguden no ao, Gudenguden no ao,

いついつ出会えた時は 夜明けの明けまで咲かしましょう
Itsuitsu deaeta toki wa, yoake no ake made sakashimashou
君は滑らず眠り姫 弧を描いた唄を指して
Kimi wa suberazu nemurihime, ko o egaita uta o sashite
Kono kito daare?

(This is the conversation)
Eve: こころ?
Mira: そう。。。人を好きになったり、 失えば辛く感じる。それがこころ
Sou, hito o suki ni nattari, ushinaeba tsuraku kanjiru. Sore ga
Mira: いいのよ、これから覚えていけば
Ii no yo, korekara oboeteikebe
Mira: あなたは、歳もとらないし死ぬこともない完全な存在。時間はたっぷりあるわ
Anata wa toshi mo toranaishi shinu koto mo nai kanzan na sonzai. Jikan wa tappuriaru wa

立ち込めた匂いも僅かに 口笛鳴らしも遠く去ります
Tachikometa nioi mo wazukani kuchibue narashi mo tooku sarimasu
記憶辿るは無常の世 舞い降る花に溶けて
Kioku tadoru wa mujou no yo, maifuru (sounds like maiyuru) hana ni tokete
Koukotsu no …… (big pause) koukei wa…
桜爛漫現世(うつしよ)の 僕だけ色をした紅を重ね
Sakura ranman utsushiyo no, boku dake iro o shita beni o kasane
この愛執染着馴れの果て 君と二人ぼっち
Kono aishuuzenchaku nare no hate, kimi to futaribocchi

今、桜爛漫玉響(たまゆら)に 一羽の影が天に吠えます
Ima, Sakura ranman tamayura ni ichiwa no kage ga ten ni hoemasu
花は桜木、人は君 美しい終劇
Hana wa Sakuragi, hito wa kimi, utsukushii shuugeki
ほら ほら 綺麗だよ・・・
Hora, hora, kirei da yo…

此処は 1000 after
Koko wa one-zero-ze-zero afutaa
そうか そうか そうか 生きてんだ
Souka souka souka ikitenda

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5 Responses to Team Kamiuta begins a new song series with “Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi”

  1. anon says:

    So what’s the meaning of the title in English? Or is “Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi” too literal or something for an English title?

    • Amir says:

      That’s a good point. The words are actually translated in the song once, but I just feel that the Japanese title sounds pretty compared to a more literal English one. But just like in the song it would probably best to put it as “The Petals/Flowers are of Sakura Trees, The Person is You”

  2. cynthiaaandi says:

    I’m getting a bit confused by the end of the video.. so Gin killed Hana? 0_0

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