The MAYU Release Extravangaza! Featuring 16 Translated Songs

Mayu title

On December 5th, Exit Tunes’ first official Vocaloid, “MAYU” was released. MAYU is a fairly unique Vocaloid who has an officially designated “yandere” character trait. In fact if you look closely at her box art you will notice the not so subtle axe she is holding in her other hand. Mayu’s outfit is inspired by “lolita-style” fashion, and the trim of her dress is of course a keyboard. Some of her other notable features are her earrings which are made to look like bluetooth headsets and the speaker on her hat. I also really love her hair, which turns into a prismatic rainbow as it trails down her back! I can’t say I’m a big fan of yandere’s, especially those like Gasai Yuno, but the whole idea of super cute girl like this with such a personality opens up alot of creative and fun possibilities. And besides, there is no requirement that people MUST make yandere songs with her, so we can expect plenty of normal songs as well.

So far I have been quite impressed with her voice which can carry emotion quite well and sing a variety of soft and loud styles. After hearing another classic UtataP troll song featuring MAYU, “An Earnest One-Sided, Hoping to Make it Bear a Little Happiness”, I started really looking forward to her release. I really does fit her so well, as you can see below:

A few days later, we got our first look at DixieFlatline’s SUPER CUTE interpretation of MAYU’s personality in “A Lie and A Stuffed Animal” (A song which also features her offcial stuffed rabbit “Usano Mimi”). A warning before you watch: This song will be stuck in your head for days! “Wippa-Wippa-Win”

With my excitement building with these two songs, I decided to go ahead and translate all the promotional PVs released by producers as part of the “MAYU SPECIAL 2CD” set that accompanies her software in a package deal on Amazon and CD Japan. In fact it got me so excited that I decided that MAYU would be the first Vocaloid3 I purchased myself. I bought Miku earlier this year but I think it would be nice to own a new V3 voice when I am slowly trying to master the art of making Vocaloid music.

If you are interested in learning more about MAYU, don’t forget to check out more information on her VocaloidWiki page. MAYU’s bundle, which includes the software and 2 CDs can be found on Amazon and CDJapan for about 133USD.

Also if you would like to see more translated MAYU songs, don’t forget to check out my MAYU Release Collection playlist which features 16 MAYU songs counting the 2 you see above.  The playlist includes:

1. “Our Beginning” by FuwariP

2. “A Tiny Chrysalis Within the Cocoon” by otetsu

3. “Only for you” by Ryu

4. “I wish” by DJ UTO

5. “farewell blue” by add9

6. “The Guardian of Solitude” by NatsuP

7. “Blue” by 164/203Soundworks

8. “A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers” by MikitoP

9. “From A Dark Blue Sky” (Or “Like Distant Mountains”) by OwataP

10. “Escape from Dystopia” by CosmoP

11. “Formalin Sea” by DeadballP

12. “Our First Step” by DaifukuP

13. “Star Bright” by Papiyon

14. “Blood-Stained Switch” by mothyP

Please give MAYU a warm welcome and look forward to her future songs!

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