OneRoom returns with the beautifully sad “Reboot” with amazing PV by JET

(Update: Alot of people seem to be searching and looking for info on Zimi Samune (Or “Jimi” if you’d like). She seems to be a Vocal library recorded using OneRoom’s own voice that was then tuned and used in this song. From the info I have so far I believe that she isn’t an UTAU and was made with some other software. She also has some male undertones to her voice if you listen closely since it is based on a tuning of OneRoom’s own voice)

The surprises and gifts just keep rolling in during the holiday season. One of the first things I noticed today when I woke up was the hoopla on my Facebook feed over OneRoom/JimmyThumb-P’s new release, “Reboot”. This heartbreakingly sad video tells the story of three friends and their years-long struggle to move on after a great tragedy strikes their lives. No matter what your personal beliefs it provides a striking portrait of just how much grief and loss can affect our relationships, and how sometimes it’s not just for our own sake that we need to find hope and move on in our lives. I hope you enjoy this beautiful video:

Original NND Upload (please mylist and promote if you can):

I know this is one song that I enjoy singing along too, so I thought it would be best to add karaoke subs to the video as well. In case anyone needs them for a project I will post them below. I really hope this project signals a return for OneRoom to the Vocaloid scene. Listening to his sad but beautiful music is one of my true joys. I cannot compliment artist JET on his amazing artistic and animation work as well. That is truly some professional level stuff there and he deserves all the credit in the world for once again pushing the bounds of what one person can accomplish in a Vocaloid PV.

Reboot- Romaji Lyrics

Music by OneRoom

Romanized by Descent87
まだ少し暗い部屋 魔法使いが降りて
Mada sukoshi kurai heya mahoutsukai ga orite
“Sayonara” to dake tsugeta
Kisetsu no nai hibi ga kasanari hajimeta toki o
Mada oboeteiru yo

Suki na iro de kazaritsukete goran yo
Hitotsu hitotsu karamasete wa toita
Kogareteita koto ni kizuku mae ni
Bokura wa kansei o osorete toozaketeta

Ima wa shirokuro no butai kara denshi no yume o miteru
Saisei o inotta ashioto
そして 褪めていた四次元はその色を変え
Soshite sameteita yojiken wa sono iro o kae
Ubugoe o ageta

Itsumodoori no fuukei wa nigemichi o fusaide
Sono hi o yoake ni hajita
Kisetsu no nai hibi ga saigen naku tsuzuiteku
Sonna ki ga shiteru nda

Akasareta shinjitsu wa dokoka kitaihazure
Kanashimi o modotta kagerou
Itsumo kanzen o osorete wa tozashita sutourii
Hiraita sono tsuzuki wa…

Shirokuro no butai kara denshi no yume o miteru
Saisei o inotta ashioto
そして 褪めていた四次元はその色を変え
Soshite sameteita yojiken wa sono iro o kae
Ubugoe o ageta

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