Tripshots releases amazing new 3DCG-PV “gift nor art”

After several months of waiting, the end of November has finally arrived and with it the long-awaited release of Tripshot’s newest work, “gift nor art”. This amazing CG production features Tripshots’ take on the Miku Append model in a wonderfully polished and stylistic PV featuring music by producer HSP (Hiroyuki ODA) and lyrics by chu-ji. It’s official promotional site can be found here.

And now to check out the actual awesomeness:

I just love this new song and wanted to make sure that people had this lyrics available to them. So I double checked the lyrics with chu-ji’s Piapro account post and then translated and romanized them. The song’s lyrics are a bit cryptic and when Miku sings alot of obscure or alternative or entirely replaced readings and meanings are used for some kanji but I’m pretty sure I managed to interpret them all correctly. If I made any mistakes, please inform me.

The theme of the lyrics as described by chu-ji is examining and demarcating the boundary lines between “difference” and “existence”

Japanese/English/Romaji Lyrics:

“gift nor art”
Music-HSP (Hiroyuki ODA) / Lyric-chu-ji / CG Modeling&Animation&Direction- Tripshots
Vocal- Hatsune Miku (Crypton Future Media,Inc)

Translation/Romanization: descent87

(the bolded lines are what is actually sung in the song)

Afraid of losing one’s name
Namae o ushinau no o osorete
A princess, having become “somebody’s someone”
Dareka no dareka ni naru ohimesama
耳元で 笑う
Laughing close to one’s ear
Mimimoto de warau
To inquiring the meaning, deceiving
Imi o toi, kataru
――得欠いて(描いて)きたものは 何色だろう
That which has come to be drawn, what color is it I wonder
–Egaitekita mono wa naniro darou

If going to the extent of decorating it’s story
Monogatari o kazaru kurai nara
The lie that was wished for is truly beautiful
Nozomareta uso no hou ga utsukushii
見るものは 違う
That which is seen is different
Miru mono wa tagau
意識すら 戯る
To even toy with conciouness
Ishiki sura azaru
A distinction made by a play on words
Kotoba asobi de waketa maboroshi

to know why
この瞳が何故 君を――
As for you, why do these eyes….
Kono me ga naze, kimi o–
Things are reflected individually…
Koko o utsu no ka
none nor all
理由を訴う ずっと
Singing the reason, always
Wake o utau, zutto
So that it I will always be “me”
Watashi de aru youni
unplot out
unplot out

stay a while
この絵が褪せ いつか
This image will fade someday
Kono e ga ase, itsuka
Even if it stays the same
Sono mama ni nattemo
name nor word
ここにいるよ ずっと
Stay here, always
Koko ni iru yo, zutto
Continue to draw “me”
Watashi o egaite–
unplot world

all is fled

seize the right

systems are down

unplot out

Document version here:

Another great production by Tripshots, who has once again really captured the entire essence of Miku and the Vocaloid phenomenon in this video! I definitely hope he stays active in the Vocaloid community.

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3 Responses to Tripshots releases amazing new 3DCG-PV “gift nor art”

  1. Tim says:

    Thank you for the translation. ^_^

  2. seruex says:

    Hola he buscado mucho por internet y no consigo dar con la respuesta, usted puede ayudarme? como se llama el software utilizado para la creación del modelo miku, el software que utiliza tripshots para hacer a miku y los demás modelos 3d?
    Ellos tienen que utilizar un software para hacer estas animaciones, cuál es?
    sé que no es blender, ni 3dmax ni cinema4d, ni autodesk ni muchos otros.
    Muchas gracias.

    Hi I have searched a lot on the internet and I do not get to find the answer, can you help? is called as the software used to create the miku model, the software used to make miku tripshots and other 3d models?
    They have to use a software to do these animations, what?
    I know it’s not blender or 3dmax or cinema4d or Autodesk and many others.
    Thank you very much.

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