HeavenzP’s amazing use of Miku Append in Telomere’s First Cry and the gekkabijin. album

So recently I’ve been trying to put together another shipment of album purchases for myself from Japan. I’m been trying to find a site that orders at a reasonable rate from stores like “Toranoana” and recently settled on “Goody-Japan” as my store of choice. One of the reasons is that I really want to buy one of the amazing compilation albums from Vom@s22, “gekkabijin.”. This album is a compilation work featuring beautiful and often sad songs about love and life by many talented producers, including HeavenzP, keeno, monaca:factory, moff, and 6ta.

Recently HeavenzP released a re-mastered version of his song from the album, “Telomere’s First Cry” (テロメアの産声) complete with a beautiful PV by hie. I was just blown away by how amazing it sounded and wanted to translate it to share. The use of Miku Append here is stunning for both the main and backup vocals and it’s so pleasant if albeit rather sad to listen to.

You can find HeavenzP’s original YT upload here. Anyone looking for the romaji lyrics for doing covers or sing-alongs can find it here. Links to the karaoke and NND original are provided beneath my translation on YT.

While this song is amazing, I definitely feel the whole “gekkabijin.” album is definitely worth a look as well. You can check out the cross-fade here:

For more info on the album and the track list you can visit their promotional page here. The Toranoana orderpage for this album (Japan and Proxy Service Sales Only) can be found here.  The album seems to come with a beautiful song book and poster as well and I can’t wait to get them!

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