Branching out a bit, some “Bad Girl” Vocaloid songs: “Party Junkie” and “If U Do Do”

So thanks to some requests and suggestions from viewers and friends on Reddit I decided to take a risk and translate some “edgier” Vocaloid songs over the weekend. So while I sympathize with the cute Vocaloid girls for having to sings such embarrassing songs (lol), I offer you something a bit different to try out today.

First we have “Party Junkie”, a new dance song by Satsuki ga Tenkomori. It has a very nice beat and is very catchy. It’s already become rather popular on NicoDouga which contributed to my interest in translating it:

Satsuki ga Tenkomori is the producer of several other well-known Vocaloid works, including the shmup tribute Astro Troopers, the popular Net Game Addicts, and STOMP THE ENEMY

UPDATE: Requested English Lyrics

Our second song today, from producer Umetora is a bit NSFW with a risque PV and some rather loud moaning. However I can’t help but like this song for it’s high production value and nice signing by all 5 Vocaloids who are featured. “If You Do Do” is not a direct translation of 威風堂々(which means majestic/imposing) but is similar to it’s Japanese pronunciation of Ifudoudou and thus is a bit of a joke worked into the title. I hope you enjoy this “interesting” song:

UPDATE: Request English Lyrics

Another song by Umetora was translated by me here: Dancing Wildly

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29 Responses to Branching out a bit, some “Bad Girl” Vocaloid songs: “Party Junkie” and “If U Do Do”

  1. Good choices, in fact, I remember many vocaloid songs about the human strongest desire.
    In my opinion, it’s a good thing that those very sexual feelings are express via different musical style. Techno and Trance are mostly related to this topic, it seems.

    I think producers are less reticent to make “good” songs about sex than traditionnal band/singers, I can’t say why, perhaps because a vocaloid is quite impersonal and that make you concentrate more on the feelings than on the person who tell the words.

    • Amir says:

      That’s very interesting that you mention that. I personally have felt that most producers are very reticent to actually put sex into songs due to the risk of blowback from a large part of the “purity concerned” section of Japanese fans. I also fall into that category I guess though not in the way most Japanese idol fans do, as in I don’t expect or judge real-life women/singers about their lifestyles in anyway whatsoever, my only concern is the “ideal” concept of Miku and how I don’t like seeing her in sexual situations much (since I don’t fantasize/think about her like that to begin with).

      HOWEVER, as to the quality of the songs that do get made, I do agree very much with this comment of yours:

      “I think producers are less reticent to make “good” songs about sex than traditionnal band/singers, I can’t say why, perhaps because a vocaloid is quite impersonal and that make you concentrate more on the feelings than on the person who tell the words.”

      I think this is true for “mature” songs and for many types of songs as well. Not having to be concerned and the singer and or their image/personality allows for much more effective focus on the content and message of the song, perhaps the reason I love Vocaloid so much, because for me I enjoy the lyrics and themes more than anything.

      • One of the reason I’m a vocaloid-fan is that freedom to imagine Miku or whoever, how you wish to.
        She’s born in the doujin culture and Crypton only gave minimal informations about their characters. According to me, there’is as many Miku than there is people to imagine her.
        I also idealize her my very own way but I can’t criticize another interpretation in the name of purity. I think it’s possible to like a personal image of Miku and its opposite version at the same time.

        I heard that a song called “sex with minors” has been censored few times ago but it’s another topic.

  2. Tsubo says:

    Hi, can you please post english lyrics of the song “If U Do Do”..
    Thanks for translation

    • Amir says:

      I’ll remember to do that soon, most likely today. Just check back on this article later today.

    • Descent87 says:

      Sorry it’s late but I uploaded it Also put a link in the article

      • Tsubo says:

        Thank you so much for posting lyrics. Can you please also post lyrics for Dancing Wildly. I’m just loving Umetora songs and i wonder if you also translated 【巡音ルカ】天真爛漫【オリジナル】?

        Thanks again.

      • Descent87 says:

        I’ll add the song you requested. I’ll post dancing lyrics when I can, which did you want?

      • Tsubo says:

        Well.. if both. that would be really great. I think you already translated Dancing Wildly. I saw it in google results. Youtube is blocked here, so i visit it rarely when i get chance to use working proxy.. So NND is my only source for vocaloid nowadays and then different blogs for lyrics.

        You can take your time for translating 【巡音ルカ】天真爛漫【オリジナル】 but please post lyrics here when you translate it. Thanks for accepting requests. 🙂

      • Descent87 says:

        Ok 😀 I’ll remember to do that

      • Tsubo says:

        Hi, i’m still waiting for my request. 🙂 You can take your time with second request but if you have dancing wildly english lyrics lying around somewhere. can you add in the archive section. Thanks

      • Descent87 says:

        lool I bet you want to kill me, all I can say is that I keep forgetting because of stuff, BUT TODAY

    • Descent87 says:

      I added a link to the archive, it is also here, sorry for the delay

      • Tsubo says:

        LOL. you actually remembered. I thought you completely forgot and lost hope. So i used proxy and downloaded youtube video. Then i type lyrics from that video. lol.

        I have few suggestions. I don’t know which software you use to type lyrics and then make video.. But if you type in some text editor and then use video editor. Then i think you can just copy-paste those lyrics here directly on your blog instead using google docs. It’s lot easier than making subtitles on the video. 🙂 You can make categories with producer names for easy sorting.. Well. All of your work will be saved on your own blog instead on hard-sub videos. It will appear in google results eventually and you will get lots of fans on your blog. 🙂

        Also if you use aegisub editor and also post subtitle file just like vgboy do for all his videos. I would love you forever.

        I have this bad habit to read romaji lyrics and lots of vocaloid subbers don’t post them on the video. So i make subtitle by myself just for this reason. which takes lots of times. but for vgboy videos. It just take a minute to paste romaji lyrics. by the way. i do not post videos anywhere. Those are just for my personal use.

      • Descent87 says:

        You’ve given me alot to think about. I’m going to try to make some changes to how I do things. I will definitely make a subtitle archive like vghime-chan’s and slowly try to upload subtitle files there. As for doing both subtitles files AND lyrics pasting? I’ll consider it at some point, but to be honestly it would take some time and honestly I’d rather spend my time working on translations in what free time to do have. So I might stick to doing that by request when I have time, we’ll see. Honestly you’d see me do alot more stuff on the blog if I had the time.

        Hopefully I’ll be making a few changes in the next few days. In the meantime keep in touch if you need something.

        Also, if you’d like to make re-done videos/subtitles/romaji and post them online using my translation or work as a source, you are completely welcome to. All I ask is that you credit and link to the original producer (like I do) and also credit and link to me as well.

        Thanks descent 😀

  3. Ren Shiroi says:

    I want to try to sing “If you do do”. :/ Can you provide me the romaji lyrics?

  4. kishi says:

    Hi, can you translate party junkie to romaji? I wanna cover it but i cant read japanese lol

  5. kishi says:

    hi, i wanna sing party junkie but i cant read japanese lol
    can you provide romaji lyrics? 🙂
    sorry for bad english

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