IA’s Adorable “Photoshoot” in new Jin PV “World Calling” (English/Romaji)

Earlier yesterday we were treated to producer Jin’s newest release, a beautifully illustrated PV featuring IA. Apparently this PV will serve as the theme song for a Vocaloid/Technology event known as Voice Fes that is occurring this month and will also be released as part of a compilation single album on November 28th. The PV’s tag line is “A song to connect with someone” and you will see that it is quite fitting for this beautiful song. But even more enjoyable than that is the chance us viewers get to see about 20,000 ultra cute snapshots of IA-chan being adorable in countless poses. I personally love the scene where she is rolling around in the laundry machine lol. I hope you enjoy this beautiful video:

Link to English and Romaji Lyrics

This is all coupled with some exciting news that IA will apparently be having her first “live” concert performance as part Kamarock Festival on November 3rd and 4th. You can get some more info on the event over at the Mikufan blog.
Look for more fun stuff later this weekend!



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