Passing through the months of “Love Calender” on to a translation of “27” ft. Deco*27

So in our last “Love Calender” post I translated and romanized the first two songs from the album for those who would like to understand them. Now today we’ll continue going through the album up until the next as of yet untranslated song, “27” (Pronounced Niina). I’ll try to bring you tracks 7-10 within the next week or so and then we’ll finish with 11 and 12. By the end of November my goal is to create links to the romaji and translations for all 12 songs in a compilation post and the lyrics archive.

As always the reason I am doing this is to encourage you to support Deco*27 by purchasing his works to enjoy. If you don’t have the album yet you should get it! Check it out here. (There are many other places to buy hardcopy). Album page and crossfade here.

So moving into the 3rd month of Kouki and Shiori’s relationship, we have “Take Sweet Shelter” featuring Shoko Nakagawa, where Shiori-chan takes us through the story of the couple’s first kiss in a classic “sharing a umbrella” scenario. The music video also features Deco*27 himself on the guitar. Here’s my subtitled version from a few months back:

As we reach the 4th month, we are presented with a classic that many fans might already be familiar with, “Egomama” featuring singer Marina whose voice is perfect for a song like this. In the first of the more philosophical songs on the album we are presented with an internal struggle from Shiori’s perspective, one where she debates the choice of “self” or “love” within herself, making the all-important realization in the end that both are truly necessary for a successful relationship. (CC has English subs, they are from U/M/A/A and some are a bit so-so translation wise but it should be fine)

On to the 5th month, we see the couple experience a special and meaningful moment underneath the fireworks at the summer festival that rekindles their love in “Light Lag” as sung by Topi. Interestingly enough, it’s indicated in the song book that this song is almost entirely from Kouki’s perspective, even though we often see Shiori singing in the music video which has been out for over a year. So perhaps that will provide you with a different perspective as you enjoy this song:

And now finally we come to today’s new release, “27” (Ninaa) sung by Deco*27 himself. In this song it seems like Kouki surprises Shiori with a cake for her birthday even as they are going through a somewhat rough time. We also get to see Shiori’s perspective on the event as well. To make it clear who is speaking or thinking I bolded Kouki’s parts of the song.

I also probably shouldn’t even be posting the video but what the heck, just this once:


27 (Niina) -DECO*27 Vocal Mix-
Music/Lyrics: Deco*27
Vocals: Deco*27
Translation/Romanization: Descent87

(Bolded Parts are Kouki thoughts and words, the normal parts are Shiori’s)

なんだかすれ違い あやふやになって、もう9月
Somehow passing each other by, things have become uncertain, as September has come around
Nadaka surechigai, ayafuya ni natta, mou kugatsu
どちらが謝るか 意地貼ってたんだ ペタペタと
Who will say sorry? Pride and obstinance have been plastered everywhere
Dochira ga ayamaruka, iji hattetanda  petapeta to

それも今日で終わりなんだ 僕がお詫び申し上げる
But today that’s all going to end, I’m going to say my apology
Soremo kyou de owarinanda, boku ga owabi moushiageru
君が好きなチーズケーキ 家で焼いてきたよ
Your favorite cheesecake, I baked it at home and brought it with me
Kimi ga suki na chiizukeeki, ie de yaitekita yo

今日は君が生まれてから 何度目かの誕生日だよ
Today you were born after all, the next in a series of birthdays
Kyou wa kimi ga umaretekara, nandomeka no tanjoubi dayo

ごめん、僕の意地貼りシール ここで全部剥がすから
“I’m sorry”, I’ll tear off the seal of the pointless pride right here
Gomen, boku no iji hari shiiru  koko de zenbu hagasu kara
ロウソクの火を消そうとして 膨らんだ君の両頬が可愛くて
Blowing out the candles, your puffed up cheeks are so cute
Rousoku no hi o kesoutoshite   fukuranda kimi no ryou hoho ga kawaikute
I’d be nice if I never get extinguished like that I hope
Boku wa zutto kienakya ii na to omotta yo

アタシの誕生日 今日だったなんて、忘れてた
That my birthday was today…I had forgotten
Atashi no tanjoubi kyou datta nante, wasureteta
そういうとこズルい 「怒ってないよ^^」しか言えない。
It’s so unfair, “I’m not upset” it’s all I can say (TLN: she was apparently mad at him remember)
Souiu toko zurui “Okottenai yo” shika ienai
ええとでもね、一つだけ これからのために言わせてもらいます
Um, well, there is just one thing I’d like to point out for the future
Eeto demo ne, hitotsu dake, korekara no tameni iwasetemoraimasu
アタシが好きなのはチーズケーキじゃなくて 苺の乗ったショートケーキ
My favorite isn’t cheesecake you know, it’s strawberry shortcake
Atashi ga suki nano wa chiizukeeki janakute, ichigo no notta shootokeeki
「マジで?!」と驚いた顔 忘れっぽいそんな所も
“Seriously?!” You say with an astonished face, but even that part of you,
Majide?! to odoroita kao, wasureppoi sonna tokoro mo
大好きだよ 好きだけどさ まだ忘れてるでしょ?
I love it. But even though I like it so, you really did forget didn’t you?
Daisuki dayo suki dakedosa mada wasureteru desho?

本日は27日なり 二人が無事恋人になり
Today is the 27th, the day we become this peaceful couple
Honjitsu wa ni juu shichi nichi nari futari ga buji koibito ni nari
何ヶ月か目の記念日 アタシが「好き。」って言った日よ
A monthly anniversary, the day where I said “I like you”
Nankagetsuka me no kinenbi atashi ga “suki”tte itta hi yo
「当たり前に覚えてるよ 僕が忘れるわけないじゃん」
“Of course I remember, there’s no way I’d forget”
Atarimae ni oboeteru yo boku ga wasureru wakenai jan
そう言って 取り出したケーキは アタシの大好きな…
That’s what you say, but as for the cake you brought…
Sou itte toridashita keeki wa atashi no daisuki na…

(TL Note: This is complicated to express in English, and it’s not a direct translation, but what she basically pointing out I think is “so you say you wouldn’t forget, but you forgot about my favorite cake…” or something to that effect, still sorta referencing his being forgetful)

今日は君が生まれてから 何度目かの誕生日だよ
Today you were born after all, the next is a series of birthdays
Kyou wa kimi ga umaretekara, nandomeka no tanjoubi dayo
I’m sorry, I knew it was that special day…but I wanted to surprise you (laugh)
Gomen, kinenbi mo shitteta kedo ne….odorokasetakute (warau)
泣いた顔を隠そうとして 俯いた君の前髪が可愛くて
As you hide you crying face, your hanging bangs are so cute
Naita kao o kakusou toshite  utsumuita kimi no maegami ga kawaikute
僕はずっと守っていくこと 誓ったよ
That I’d always be by your side protecting you…I swore I would
Boku wa zutto mamotteiku koto chikatta yo

Well “sankyuu” to everyone for checking out this post and I hope you will chose to support Deco*27 if you haven’t already. In a few days we’ll take a look at months (tracks) 7-10 where Kouki and Shiori will experience the greatest hardships yet. Let’s hope that they make it through!

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