“Confession Rehearsal” A New Manga-Style PV by HoneyWorks

Cute isn’t it? So cute it’s going to be my profile pic for a little bit. I absolutely love the art that goes into most of the PVs created by the producer team “HoneyWorks”. Today I wanted to share their newest song, “Confession Practice / 告白予行練習”. This song features the story of a tomboyish girl “practicing” her confession on the boy she likes before working up the courage to truly admit her feelings to him. While the premise is a bit unrealistic in a Shoujo manga kind of way, I would totally forgive any girl who was sweet enough to mess with my heart like this haha. I tried to translate all the on screen text for viewers and anything that you don’t see translated is just onomatopoeias whose meaning should be fairly evident from the context. Also please visit and subscribe to HoneyWorks official youtube channel! I hope you enjoy this cute, funny, and beautifully illustrated PV:

UPDATE: Now with some sweet 720P and typo corrections!!

The Romaji was requested so here it is:

「いきなりでごめんね ずっと前から好きでした」
Ikinari de gomenne, zutto mae kara suki deshita
ドキドキ 胸の音 君に聞こえてないかな?
Dokidoki mune no oto kimi ni kikoetenai kana?
コクハク 予行練習 「本気と思った?」 なんてね
Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu “Honki to omotta?” Nante ne
かわいい? ドキッとした? そんな顔で 見ないでよ
Kwaii? Dokittoshita? Sonna kao de minaide yo
本気になるよ!? なんて 嘘をつかないで!! やめてよ
Honki ni naru yo!? Nante Uso o tsukanaide!! Yamete yo
そうだ今日は ちょっとだけ 寄り道して 帰ろうよ?
Souda kyou wa chotto dake yorimichi shite kaerou yo?

明日には 伝えるね 私の好きな人
Ashita ni wa tsutaeru ne watashi no suki na hito
応援してよね 約束して
Ouenshite yo ne yakusoku shite

私のわがままを 明日だけ聞いてくれる?
Watashi no wagamama o ashita dake kiitekureru
少し大人になった この心のわがままを
Sukoshi otana ni natta kono kokoro no wagamama o

本気になってよ 練習なんて
Honki ni natte yo Renshuu nante
Usotsuki kokoro o miyabutte

占い 結果良好 いつも気にしない くせにね
Uranai kekka ryoukou itsumo kinishinai kuseni ne
今日くらい いいでしょ? 女の子にならせてよ
Kyou kurai ii desho? Onna no ko ni narasete yo

これが最後 練習させて 言うよ! ホントの言葉
Kore ga saigo renshuu sasete iu yo! Honto no kotoba
Kimi wa “ouenshiteru kara” tte

「嘘つきでごめんね ずっと前から好きでした」
“Usotsuki de gomen ne zutto mae kara suki deshita”
声震えて いても 大すきを伝えたくて
Koe furueteitemo daisuki o tsutaetakute
“Kore ijou suki ni sasenaide yo”
Anata wa egao de “Kochirakoso”tte

ドキドキ 胸の音 君に聞こえてないかな?
Dokidoki mune no oto kimi ni kikoetenai kana?
ドキドキ 胸の声 君に聞こえてほしいの
Dokidoki mune no koe kimi ni kikoetehoshii


I also translated another HoneyWorks song a few months ago (Warning: this one is sad) which I’ll share as well. Here is “First Love Picture Book / 初恋の絵本”:

Thanks for watching! Look for more good stuff later this week!

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