A “Thank You!” as we reach 1,000,000 Views: Deco*27’s “Palovrel World”

Illustration by mirto, “Paloverel World” Cover Art and Album Illustrator
Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12830268

We finally did it! After almost 15 month of translating, 2+ years of studying Japanese, and almost 3 years of having my life completely changed by the Vocaloid phenomena it’s so amazing to have finally reached this point! I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my 1,000,000+ views and all of my 1900 subscribers! Ever since I first heard Miku’s beautiful voice I wanted to do everything in my power to help share her amazing potential and the skill and beautiful minds of all the wonderful producers who use her to help create fun and touching songs each and every day. This whole translation project is the outgrowth of that, a small role I can play in helping bring fame and recognition to Vocaloids and producers everywhere. As I mentioned in my Youtube post, I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and kind words, I hope that I can continue to bring all of you songs that you will enjoy. I would also like to ask that you continue to help share my translations anywhere and everywhere that you would like to if you feel it will help bring more recognition to Vocaloids and producers. Finally I would kindly ask that you please try to support you favorite producers whenever you can by purchasing hard copies or electronic copies of their work from places like KarenT, iTunes, Amazon, CDJapan, YesAsia, ect.

Of course I wanted to do something a bit special to commemorate this event and so I decided to create and share a series of translations which once again feature my favorite musician, Deco*27. Deco*27 has been an absolutely prolific producer over the past few years and seems to have quite successfully made the transition to the professional realm having released albums like “Sousai Seriron”, “Aimai Elegy”, and more recently his acclaimed album “Love Calender” under the U/M/A/A label. He has also released several amazing albums as a doujin artist dating all the way back to 2009, and unfortunately these albums and many of the beautiful songs they contains are no longer commercially available. So starting with this project (I hope to complete his other doujin albums as well), I hope to make these older albums accessible to fans while also having them serve as an advertisement for Deco*27 himself, encouraging people to buy and support his more recent and commercially available works.

So the first of the “39” (Sankyuu) albums is going to be Deco*27’s 2010 release: “Paloverel World/パラヴレルワールド” (The first word being a fusion of Parallel and Love of course!). This album was the fruit of Deco*27’s collaboration with a group known as Amatou Trio and artist mirto (who illustrated the song book and cover).  Included in this album are two of the most iconic and recognizable songs and PVs produced by Deco*27: “Mozaik Role” and “Coward Montblanc“. The remaining songs on the album also visit the theme of lost love and broken relationships in a beautiful, emotional, and touching way that is very moving to listen too. While 3 of the songs on the album (including the 2 above) have obviously been translated before, I wanted to provided updated translations in my own rather literal style along with romaji lyrics for those wanting to learn to sing along.  Feel free to find all the videos after the jump, or if you would rather just skip to the playlist, you can find it here.

Track 1: Lovrel

Track 2: Linoleum

Track 3: Mozaik Role

Track 4: Daredakke Daredatte

Track 5: Coward Montblanc

Track 6: My Name Is…

Track 7: Lovrell

My thanks once more to everyone! Please continue to check back here and on YT for more updates from me! If you would like to find the remainder of Deco*27’s translated works done either by me or others, check out this playlist.

I’ll leave you all today with another adorable dose of diabetes:

Illustration by mirto

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