Some Miku Birthday Translations

I’ve been a bit busy recently with the first part of the school semester and all the bonus busyness that requires, but now that the routine is settling down, I’ll try to get back to posting stuff. I’ve been working on requests over on my youtube channel while also continue to translate a few newer things, so definitely keep checking out youtube, even when I am inactive over here.

But on to the topic of this short post, on August 31st we celebrated the birthday of Miku’s (there was a crazy cake and much merriment). I’ll probably be posting another topic later this week about my feelings on Miku’s 5th anniversary and all that she has meant to me, but for now I wanted to share the birthday-related translations I did:

39♥4U “Thank You for You” (A cute MMD PV)

Ne・Gi・Ra・U・Yo! ね・ぎ・ら・う・よっ!(A really cute 8bit style song)

“Aimai na Uta” (Lamaze-P’s Birthday Tribute song, full of vague cuteness)

I hope you enjoy these and be sure to look out for more posts later this week.

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