“Voice of Soul” and “Chemical Emotion”, Music by Muhmue

Many Vocaloid fans surely know the feeling of being a fan of a producer who you simply love listening to but whose songs simply don’t get enough credit. You might like their musical style, the kind of lyrics they write, or even just how they tune their Vocaloids. Sure their music might not be grade A professional quality but its more than good enough to brighten your mood or relax you. A friend recently introduced me to Bluegarage (Mylist), a producer who has made quite a few nice songs but whose works hardly seem to get any recognition on NicoNicoDouga, not to mention Youtube. I hope to translate one of his works, “Summer of Love”, on Youtube shortly.

While there are countless producers who fit this description for me, there is one who I quite in inadvertently became a fan of about a year ago. I remember watching the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings over on Vocaloidism like I do every week when suddenly I saw quite the cool song in the “pick up” section of the rankings. I remember just being taken in be that hardcore beat at the beginning and the desperate style in which Rin was singing. It had such a cool name too “Maria Inside the Birdcage”. I added it to my playlist and didn’t give a second thought to the producer, whose name was “muhmue”. Having realized my mistake as we’ll come to see, I eventually got around to translating this song and you can see it here:

Rest of the story and songs below:

So little did I pay attention at the time that I didn’t even make the connection to “Maria Inside the Birdcage” when I first heard Muhmue’s most successful song, “Chemical Emotion” a few months later making it about halfway up the Vocaran when it was released. By then I had finally begun translating and this was one of the first songs I was really inspired to translate and share. Once I set to work I actually realized, “Hey! This is that Birdcage guy!” and then I realized I had unknowingly become a fan. The result of my translation efforts was what would eventually become my most popular youtube translation to date. While I still don’t understand how a song that barely had 5000 views in the first few months suddenly came to have 120,000 views at present (even more than muhmue’s original upload showing big international support), I’m glad people came to enjoy it. Something about the vocal harmonization, the catchy dance beat, the awesome drawings of Gumi and Rin (and the Shoujo Ai-style lyrics) all come together to make it a great piece of music for people to enjoy. Passing along this info to muhmue-san via his NicoCommunity, he was very excited to hear it and thanked everyone for their support. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out:

While Muhmue definitely appears to have some great skill making these upbeat and exciting tracks, he also has the talent to make music in a variety of styles. One of his most recent pieces, “Voice of Soul” is another beautiful song that was released last week. The lyrics were quite painful for me to translate due to some difficult kanji I’ve yet to learn, but I eventually got it done and shared it here:

“Voice” definitely has a different but equally awesome vibe to it. Rin’s voice is quite dominant throughout, making it a bit harder to understand but I really like the piano and the nice flow throughout. So I’ll admit it took awhile for me to recognize muhmue for the nice songs he writes, but eventually, having finally listened to his complete works and once again been educated on how good music doesn’t always equal popular music, I am really grateful to have discovered his music.

Looking through Muhmue’s Mylist you can find lots of other works by him in a variety of styles. Several of his PVs are animated or feature a variety of drawings, while some are simply stills. On average it seems like his songs get somewhere between 1-10k views, though Chemical Emotion and Maria Inside the Birdcage, having been featured on the Vocaran are exceptions. Most of his music is written for Gumi and Rin, but he apparently owns Miku as well, having released several songs with her over the years. (My favorite being the really simple but cute tune, “Otome Heart”). Recently he appears to have gotten Aoki Lapis and he released a diabetically cute new song, titled “Noah” that I will be translating this week or next.

Muhmue has released several small doujin CD’s and will be part of a new one in the near future. His most recent is a CD titled “Pure Rhythm” (Crossfade) that was just released in Japan. Sadly it cannot yet be purchased except by deputy service from outside Japan. I recently contacted muhmue through his NicoCommunity to inquire about this and while he really appreciated the support of his international fans, he didn’t sound very positive about getting it on KarenT or Amazon anytime soon.

But please don’t let this news discourage you as you can still check out his amazing works on Youtube and NND. If you want to show him your support personally, don’t forget to check out his blog, Piapro, and of course his Twitter.

If you would like, feel free to share your favorite lesser known producers in the comments. Perhaps you can help me discover some creators whose works deserve to be translated and shared with the international Vocaloid community.

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