Celebrating 1 Year of Vocaloid Translations!

I’m a few days late getting a post up here due to finals for my summer class but I just wanted to once again thank all my viewers and supporters who have been kind enough to watch and enjoy my translations over the past year. I figure the best way to say thanks was by posting a video of the cutest girl in the world dancing to the catchy and cute beat of LamazeP’s song “WAVEFILE”, the very first complete song I translated on June 25th 2011.  I definitely improved the translation from back when I was a wee Japanese student (lol I still am but I know alot more) and I added karaoke subs with the cutest heart effect I could find.

It has really been a long journey for me and while these simple accomplishments surely aren’t much, it is so amazing to think that two years ago I used to sit around feeling so sad and frustrated that I couldn’t understand many of the beautiful words Miku was singing and that I had no special talent with which to show my love for Vocaloids by helping the community. But after 2 years of hard work I am slowly beginning to live my dream of understanding the complex but wonderful language that brings us many of Miku’s most beautiful songs and a whole variety of other amazing gifts. I promise to keep working hard for the sake of continuing to improve myself and continuing to share this happiness and these songs I enjoy with others. Looking forward to many more amazing songs! Thanks again!

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