Yay! I bought Deco*27’s “奏愛 -so i-” and “No You, No Me”

Most of my friends who know me in real life or online can’t help but miss my undying love for Miku’s beautiful voice and Vocaloids in general. Know me just a little bit better a you start realizing that I also have a big obsession with one particular producer that’s stronger than most: I simply adore Deco*27. It all began when I heard Miku’s singing the song “Ai Kotoba”, simply the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. The lyrics to me represent the most perfect kind of love one could hope for this life: A playful and humble love between two people who accept each other where they are different and love each other for the ways they are the same, feeling eternally grateful for this wonderful gift of companionship they’ve received in life. Since then I’ve listened to his songs hundreds of times and have purchased as many of his albums as I can, owning Ai Mai Elegy, Light Lag, Sou Ai Seriron, and the Yume Yume single. While I am currently ordering the remainder of his much more easily accessible albums and singles released this past year and upcoming this fall, two other albums have eluded me for the longest time. In my opinion “奏愛 -so i-” and “No You, No Me”, Deco*27’s albums from his doujin days, represent some of his purest and most creative works. While the sound and vocal qualities might not be exactly the same as his professional albums, they are nevertheless chock-full of beautiful love songs of all different varieties, sad and playful, many of which are some of the classics that originally got his name out there: “Two Breaths Walking“, “Ai Kotoba“, “You Who is Like Me, Me Who is Like You“, and “The Theory of True Love“.

Another reason I really wanted the albums is that many of the more minor songs are not online for fans to enjoy and while they are awesome and deserving of being translated, I can’t easily make out all the lyrics by listening to the media file alone. As such I definitely needed the song booklets to be able to translate the songs. My goal as previously stated is to definitely translate all of Deco’s untranslated songs and establish playlists for all of Deco’s albums with subs by the end of summer for everyone on Youtube and the internet to enjoy. As such, acquiring these albums is a big part of the process.

Finally getting my hands on these albums required lots of browsing through Yahoo!Japan auctions and various Japan-only retailers, hoping to find copies. Given the age of those albums (3 years is alot in Vocaloid time) and their doujin nature, most retailers were sold out if they ever carried them at all. I was eventually able to find both of them on Yahoo!Japan autions for a reasonable price (20 dollars before all the shipping and stuff). In order to get them over here to the states though, I had to rely on a deputy service to purchase it in Japan and ship it here to my place. I read reviews about several companies and finally settled on ShoppingMallJapan. They are an almost entirely automated service (some services done mostly through e-mail instead) where you make a deposit, bid on items, and then pay to have them shipped when you have one them (or have them purchased from the retailer of choice).  Using these deputy services of course increases the cost by a certain amount (about 10-15$ per item, not counting shipping which you would pay anyway), but is sometimes the only way to get some of these hard to find gems from Japan. While obviously it’s not fun paying a bit more, sometimes you must take the good with the bad. In general I was very pleased with my service, the packaging, and ship time from ShoppingMallJapan. If anyone has any deeper questions on this service feel free to contact me in the comments and I will answer them. But generally I would recommend them, they are probably not the cheapest but they are established, professional, and trustworthy is seems. While I am working on other sources I will probably be using them to obtain “Lovegazer” and “Paloverel World”, two of Deco*27’s other albums from 2010.

Starting now I will be gradually posting translations from these albums onto youtube and my blog. If any Deco fans want to see what the CD’s and cases look like, feel free to take a closer look with me after the jump:

奏愛 -so i- Pictures:

奏愛 -so i- Case

Inside the 奏愛 -so i- case

Inside the 奏愛 -so i- songbook, cute drawings, all of which are related to the themes of each song 😀

More song lyrics behind the CD (for the First and Last song)

No You, No Me Pictures

No You, No Me Case

So much love inside this case!

Behind the CD, it’s so adorable

Inside the song book, pages 1 and 2

Song Book Pages 3 and 4

Song book pages 5 and 6

Thanks for sharing this happiness with me! As always, spread the love 😀

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