Making the Most of It, Translations from Deco*27’s “奏愛 -so i-” and “No You, No Me”

A wonderful illustration by PIXIV Artist Toma (

So as I stated in my most recent post, getting my hands on “奏愛 -so i-” and “No You, No Me” have really helped me get started on translating some of Deco*27’s earlier and lesser known works. Over the past few days I’ve put together 3 of these to share. I should also take this chance to thank my good friend Penguinlogik as well. His wonderful kindness in getting me access to a new means of encoding has allowed me to improve the quality of my audio and the clarity of my subs. I cannot thank him enough.

So let’s take a look at the first three offerings:


This is a song most Deco fans might notbelieve could even exist. This delightful, funny, and cute song about how much someone (presumably Deco) enjoys him some boobs is still done in a totally tasteful way. It always brings a smile to my face. Somehow making Miku sing this is just the perfect touch, I can’t imagine how embarassed she must have been :P. If you’re wondering about the title, ん←ゅちぷか, well just consider that the ん hiragana represents a person and ゅちぷか represent various “sizes” of a particular feature you might find of them :3 A cute way of using Japanese don’t you think?

Ai Kotoba 愛言葉 (Deco*27 Version)

My favorite song of all-time, this time sung by Deco himself. The best part for me is that the lyrics are a bit different. At the beginning he talks about how his “heart” will always be indebted (rather than his child/childishness). The third part of the question/answer segment is different, and finally the ending chorus has entirety different lyrics than the original, which I actually enjoy quite a bit.

Round and Round Goes the Meat~ くるくるおにく

As one of my viewers on Youtube commented, it really is funny to see such mundane lyrics in a Deco song. This is pretty unique being the only song Deco wrote with Luka and it is also quite funny and catchy as well. Stylistically it is quite different than almost anything you’d see from Deco.

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2 Responses to Making the Most of It, Translations from Deco*27’s “奏愛 -so i-” and “No You, No Me”

  1. dijon says:

    My utmost gratitude to you, good sir!
    My day is MADE!!! =D

    • Amir says:

      I’m glad. Best sure to check out my deco playlist, lots of other songs I’ve translated that you might not have seen yet.

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