Lol Please Stop Misunderstanding “Glad You’re a Lolicon”~

So a few weeks ago I happened to notice one of my uploader friends reprinted the song, ろりこんでよかった~ (Glad You’re a Lolicon/Rorikon de yokatta) from Nico Nico Douga. The name caught my eye and I decided to watch it. What I saw was a delightful and cute story about a frustrated and insecure girl who was glad that she was loved in a very tsundereish way. Check it out:

While a large majority of people have obviously enjoyed this song for the cute and playful love song it is, I’ve also seen quite a few ignorant comments (both positive and negative) that are really annoying me. All I can ask is PLEASE READ THE LYRICS, they make everything quite clear (and enjoyable). Unlike those people who posted this on a pedophile awareness site, I am quite confident that this song is not advocating the love of underaged girls. Also for all those who seem to think this is some kind of anthem for lolicon gloriousness, ALSO WRONG. In this song the major use of the term lolicon is by Miku herself who is using it to coyly insult the guy she likes while also demeaning herself and her appearance that she feels so insecure about. Due to all the difficulties in her life (being called -chan, looking too young, being mistaken for a child on the train) she lacks confidence and can’t believe someone actually likes her for who she is. However since like every Japanese girl in any song ever written she lacks confidence in admitting her feelings, she takes the tsundereish approach to dealing with it.

While it isn’t my cup of tea (I do love me my moe though), I personally consider the lolicon concept of the Japanese variety to be less offensive that what most westerners think. Are there sick people out there? Yes. But it is not them who I defend or even try to rationalize. Rather Westerners who try to consume Japanese anime/vocaloid related media should understand that lolicon represents a slightly broader concept of people who enjoy cute and small things, mostly depictions of an anime or manga variety as well, rather than actual little girls. Lolicon DOES NOT equal pedophile, not in my book or the books of most others. Sure this word has been someone incorrectly co-opted and diverted from its pure original meaning of desire for young girls, but we must all adapt with the times, eh? And as many say, it’s Japan for cryin’ out loud.

So as I said, please, please stop misusing the meaning of this song, whether you support or detest the concept of lolicon. Rather I’m sure that Takebo3 would appreciate it if we all take the time to appreciate his sense of humor and Vocaloid skills and the cute love song he composed. If you would like to discuss it however, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Before we close today, also feel free to take the time and enjoy this MMD version of the song that was released last week. It features some cute dancing by Miku and Rin while also featuring some funny animated sequences depicting the “injustices” Miku suffers in her “small girl” life:

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5 Responses to Lol Please Stop Misunderstanding “Glad You’re a Lolicon”~

  1. Noxalus says:

    Totaly agree with all what you said, even if the translation of Google for “ろりこんでよかった” is not very relevant… (in french, it’s litteraly “I’m really on a pedophile network”…).
    As you said, the term of “lolicon” itself is often misunderstood…

    • Descent87 says:

      Well a “lolicon” could be a bad thing, but the way it is used normally when talking about anime, japanese art, and cute things is usually not evil, especially in this song which is just joking about it.

  2. IchigoRadiance says:

    I think the song is pretty clear on what is going on. It’s about this girl who is much older than she looks, and she doesn’t have much confidence in herself, or her appearance. But this guy likes her, and she calls him a lolicon, as an affectionate insult. But it makes her happy nonetheless that he likes her despite her lack of. in her mind, sex appeal. He probably isn’t attracted to large breasts or taller girls, and very well may fit her definition of a lolicon despite him being younger.

    I think instead of the song being misunderstood, I think what is really being misunderstood are the terms in the video. First of all, the guy isn’t a pedophile, as I said before, he’s younger than she is. So to the people that think the guy is or that the song is promoting pedophilia, they are wrong. It’s also not against lolicons either, because to most people lolicons and pedophiles are not the same. Beyond the part where most consider lolicon to only be attraction to fictional characters, most don’t consider age a factor. Miku, who in this video is an adult and older than the man, looks much younger than she really is and much younger than him. This makes her a loli. I am not ignorant of the fact that lolicon literally means pedophile in japanese and many (if not all) japanese use that term when dealing with people attracted to either real or fictional characters, you can tell Miku is using the term in it’s lighter connotations. The girl calls the guy a lolicon, but further mentions that he “looks only at me”. He’s not going after kids or other characters, he only likes this girl (who in this case is Miku), who happens to be older than he is. So she’s not calling him a pedophile as an derogatory insult, she’s just being a bit playful and tsundere.

    I disagree that she’s demeaning herself, at least seriously. The two like each other and it’s like I said before, she is using the term lolicon with the lighter connotations in mind. The fact that she hasn’t chased the guy off makes me think that their use of it is more casual and parodying what others might think. I feel it’s more of a jab at the people that would judge him or her. You can really tell their feelings are mutual, and any jabs aren’t meant to be taken seriously against one another.

    “Also for all those who seem to think this is some kind of anthem for lolicon gloriousness, ALSO WRONG.” This line sounds like you mixed up real life pedophilia and lolicon which deals with fictional characters. Even if the song was an anthem for “lolicon gloriousness” it wouldn’t be the same as if it was an anthem for pedophilia because in the former the song would be referring to fictional characters and age ultimately isn’t a factor, the latter would be about real people where age definitely is a factor. Even in Japan there is a distinction made between liking fictional characters and real people despite the term being used for two distinctly different groups of people. With lolicon things don’t even have to be sexual, many lolicons like loli’s for their cuteness and only look at clean stuff. Basically it can be a form of moe. Take Ichigo Mashimaro for instance. It’s tagline is cute girls doing cute things. It’s very tame and has very little in the way of fanservice. It’s as it says, it’s about four cute girls doing cute things, be it trying to make an ashtray for one of the girl’s older sister, or going to the beach to teach one of the girl’s to swim. The aforementiond older sister could be considered a lolicon because she constantly hangs around the other girls because she finds them cute. At one point she has Matsuri wear a beanie with cat ears and a tail with cat bells on it, and has her talk like a cat saying nya with her words, and she found it adorable. Of course Miu called her a pervert for it. But with the latter it is specifically a sexual matter. Some people call themselves lolicons because they find loli’s really cute, we don’t call people pedophiles nor do they call themselves that if all it is is that they find kids cute.

    Anyway, you made it sound like the video was against lolicons. I don’t see that anywhere in the video. I see her words as “I don’t have much in the way of va-va-voom, but you like me just the way I am. You are a lolicon, but I like you just the way you are.” So you see, he has traits others would consider negative, but she likes him specifically because he has them, i.e. she likes him for who he is, because with that trait, he is able to like her despite her having traits that others may find to be negative, i.e. he likes her for who she is.

    It may not have been intended to be some anthem for lolicon, but it is a very nice song that isn’t negative about it either and fits well or would fit well with other lolicon themed songs/videos. It’s not promoting anything bad either. You have to look at it as an anime thing,

    • Descent87 says:

      A long and well thought out comment. My only complaint is if some of your response is directed at me, I do take some exception with it but I hope people read this because you put a lot of thought in it. I don’t think I said it was against lolicons, I just said it wasn’t advocating being a lolicon as a positive thing. Personally I don’t consider people who enjoy that “criminals” or “true perverts/hentai” but there is nothing in the song that makes either a positive or negative comment about the concept, it is using it as part of the humor in the song.

      The part about some of the criticism of this song that occurs is that you can either like the idea of being a lolicon or be against it and still probably like this video since it has nothing to do with the actual concept and yet people still get worked up about it in the comments.

  3. Marie (@Marie2357) says:

    But loli’s are sexualized.
    The only difference is lolicons lust over anime underage girls, while pedophiles lust over real underage girls….
    but end up the same thing.
    Moe is cute, but loli is just sexualized..

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