A busy few days translating…

“Cola no Miku-san” by underthreat @ Piapro.jp (my personal fave from the coca cola contest)

So for the past few days I’ve still been trying to get into the regular blogging habit but at the very least I haven’t been slacking from a translation standpoint. I’ve also got some new Deco*27 CD’s in after alot of work (and money D: ) and I’ll be writing about them and some associated translations and goals later today or tomorrow. My friend also pointed out to me that my tumblr url which I had added to ONE HUNDRED songs I’ve uploaded on YT was incorrect, so I had to go back and redo all of that yesterday…so painful. So for now let’s take a look and all that’s gone on during the past 4 days of translating and we’ll be sure to get to all the Deco goodness soon.

City Boy by MitchieM ft. Miku

This song which is actually an amazing cover of 8 1/2’s 1978 rock song by the same name, is yet another of producer MitchieM’s “New Wave” style productions. With his unique talent for getting a lifelike sound out of Miku from technical, non-Vocalistener means alone, he has branded his name on a very impressive and popular tuning of Miku whose popularity skyrocketed due to songs like Freely Tomorrow and Easy Dance. Somehow this one has seemed to slip through the cracks of the western fandom a bit, but I felt Miku’s cool style of singing and very “manly and gruff” word choice made it something unique and interesting that was worth checking out. Funny how lyrics from 30 years ago still feel relevant today, huh?

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The Last Effect by Last Note ft. Miku

Many of my consistent YT followers and my personal friends know how much I love MMD and Lat Miku. Combine them with one of my favorite producer groups in Last Note and you have an instant favorite for me. This song spent some time towards the top of the Vocarankings when it was first released last year but didn’t have a translation on YT. The lyrics are quite symbolic and grim but quite thought provoking as well. As such I felt like subbing this cool video and sharing it with others. It also features some cool violin and guitar instrumentals that really add to the piece along with Miku’s energetic and almost desperate-looking dancing. Some other cool Last Note productions include personal favorite Setsuna Trip and Akatsuki Arrival which was subbed by my friend Ame.

Pieces of a Secret by Imama ft. Luka

This UBERCUTE Luka song is actually the first one I have ever done featuring the wonderful pink-haired Vocaloid. This cute and upbeat pop style reminds me of Emontes and his tunings of Luka. It’s so cool to think that her mature and cool sounding voice can also be modified to sound wonderful in a cute way as well. The lyrics to this song utilize some rather interesting metaphors but between the cute art and catchy music it really is a pleasure to watch at least once through.

Euphoria by TaK ft. Miku

This song was translated for a friend who is preparing for the MMD Cup. It also gave me the chance to meet and talk to TaK himself via e-mail. He is one of the nicest producers I have ever talked to and I enjoyed practicing my Japanese by corresponding with him. It looks like my friend will have some competition as TaK told me he is also planning on remixing and entering this song into the MMD Cup with a new video. So good luck to you both! This song really doesn’t live up to it’s name (because it’s SO SAD) but it is still quite beautiful and features some nice piano.

Uni by Rishuu ft. Miku

Pre-watch warning: Be sure to have the insulin shot ready for when she dances.

This cute little 8-bit style piece was made by Rishuu to commemorate Miku’s 4th birthday last year. This song is actually quite popular on NND with 25K+ hits and thousands more spread across the multitudes of Odotte Mita covers you will find on NND and YT. However the original song AND a translation were lacking from youtube, so when I friend requested it, I decided to do it. In general it’s just another really cute “should I, shouldn’t I?” love song but it presented in the cutest, bubbliest, and catchiest way possible. You can’t help but enjoy it 😀

Thanks as always for checking out my work and please check back for more updates as the week goes on. You can always contact me with your requests and questions as well! If you are looking for the links to the NND original videos to mylist, just follow my embedded videos to their YT source, the links will be in the infobox below the video along with other sites related to the producers and illustrators.

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