Wonderful Little Boxes of Sadness

So today I bring you a song from a well known producer whose works I have not yet had the chance to translate. I first discovered him while listening to the extremely catchy but rather unknown “Happy Very Happy” (subs coming soon) which was one of my first Vocaloid songs.  Today’s song, “Fushigi no Kohanasaichi”, is actually the 42nd song of Pinochio-P’s productive career. While the lyrics themselves themselves are quite vague and mysterious (as you will notice by watching), I was also stumped for the longest time by the baffling title. Kohanasaichi simply seemed to have no relation to any Japanese word or phrase I knew or could look up. However after perusing some comments I realized that this is simply “Chisana hako” (little boxes), written backwards! Gotta remember to turn the syllables, and not the letters around next time…

Anyhow first off, enjoy the song:

Man some of the vocals are quite catchy! The way I read it, this song is about a girl/person who is struggling through life, dealing with their inner demons and inner-self (the other voice) who are discouraged and seek comfort in (ending it all). However she continues to live on, trying to deal with her pain the best she can waiting for something new and wonderful to come along not wanting to listen to the voices of despair. (feel free to read some of my translator notes on YT as well) As I said on YT I may or may not have just translated this cause of loved the Miku drawings in the song though…XD

Pinochio-P has had quite the successful career on NND and all around the Vocaloid networks in Japan where he has released several doujin albums. His works regularly get significant views on NND with many of them breaking the 100k view mark. Perhaps some of his best known works are Floating Shelter and Aimaina, while he was finally able to top the Vocaran charts about 10 months ago with “Mushroom Mother”:

He is also releasing his first commercial album on July 4th and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon and CDJapan. So if you enjoy his music I encourage you to buy it as a show of support while also getting some awesome music out of the deal. I plan to buy it myself for sure!

You can also check out Pinochio-P’s homepage here: http://pinocchiop.jimdo.com

Look forward to more stuff this upcoming weekend!

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