What I’ve been up to for the past 10 days…a song list

Sorry I’ve been trying to get this blog and my tumblr started this past week or but while doing medical school applications and some classwork I’ve been falling behind on everything besides translating. So I made this post just to put out a compilation of the stuff I’ve worked on for the past 10 days or so. Hopefully in the future I’ll be updating regularly when I translate something or have something to talk about.

Perhaps the song I was happiest to translate these past few days was “Sunao na Kimochi” (My True/Honest Feelings) sung by Rin and produced by Oichan in 2010. This hilarious and cute song was one of the first Vocaloid songs I stumbled upon and I hope other people can discover it as well. Enjoy:

Follow me after the jump for the rest 😀

Another favorite of mine was “The Vacant Land of the Earth” a song by Harii which is essentially a beautiful ballad sung by Miku discussing the value of human life (no matter where it exists), the preciousness of our experiences, and some stuff about the airbase/military base crisis between the US and Japan that I can’t get a good read on (as to what his point is).

I was also pleased to translate “Lifeline” a freaking cool and hard rocking Rin song by Junky with background vocals by Bruno and some awesome visuals. It’s the promo video/song for his new album that just came out. Junky has made quite a few of my favorite Vocaloid/NND songs, including the moving Sweet Magic, the beyond adorable tsundere anthem Melancholic, and the rocking For My Soul.

“Kakehiki Game” (or perhaps Strategy Game) is the newest Gumi song I translated. It has a surprisingly unresolved ending but is a classic and cute “should I confess, omg what should I do!?!” type of song. It’s also a bit frustrating in that regard (just tell him you love him you idiot) but the art work is amazing and it’s kind of neat how she basically doesn’t stop singing the whole way through, so, so many words in just 3 minutes.

Earlier in the week I translated a rockin’ Len Append song by L-tone for my friend who was planning to make an image PV for it. “Chain Trigger” is pretty emo but the singing and raw guitar work is pretty sweet. On the other hand Len is almost completely unintelligible in this song, really the girls sing so much better. I still like it though, quite amazed that a song of this quality has less than 7000 views and doesn’t even exist on YT. Check out the image PV here.

Finally here is a Vocatrance song (the first of several I hope) that I translated this past week. Vocatrance like “Night Cruise” almost never gets translated, with good reason, as you often hardly need the lyrics to enjoy the song, and even if you understand them they are usually simplistic or vague like western trance. However this PV has some really cute of art of Miku and it quite mesmerizing to watch due to the waveforms and synth displays on the screen, so I really enjoyed it and wanted to share.

I also translated one more song last week, but since I wanted to talk about it in somewhat greater depth, check out the post above this one for my video translation of OneRoom’s “One Night Girl” and a review of his works.

I hope you enjoy this interesting collection of songs and be sure to continue keeping an eye on my future releases!

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