Turning Back the Hourglass with Deco*27’s Sunadokei

This amazing song is actually a more rock-heavy cover of the old “Sunadokei” from way back in 2008-2009 that was sang by both Miku and Topi. It was featured as the B-side of Deco*27’s “Light Lag” album from summer of 2010. If you haven’t seen the headline song of the album, check out the wonderful PV which is also sung by Topi. The imagery from Sunadokei is absolutely breathtaking to me, and while in the end this song is about nothing more than sadness and regret for something that has come to pass, it nevertheless depicts it so beautifully that one can’t help but be moved by it. I’m sure that for most people there are at least a few things in life for which they wish they could “turn back the hourglass”. Another song this reminds me of is “Jenga” by 40mP, who could very well be Deco’s brother in spirit lol.

I really can’t believe I didn’t discover this until recently as it’s now probably become my #1 song for driving for the past week or so. I’ll try not to consider myself a failure of a Deco fan XD especially since I own the um, unopened album itself.

Let’s drop the translator notes here:

-Yes, yes, Sunadokei translates as hourglass but in the official Light Lag album, Deco chose to have it written as Sandglass, and given that they mean the same thing essentially I’ll defer to his interpretation. It also helps to mesh the name with some of the metaphors used in the song. While I doubt it was his intent I also like how Sunadokei sounds like a combination of “Sunao” and “tokei”. Sunao meaning “honesty or being able to express how you really feel” and tokei being clock. It also seems to really go with the theme.

-The reference to hidarite (left hand) hold a little bit of significance as that is generally the hand people reference in most love songs/love imagery when it comes to holding the hand of someone they love. Thus back singing about her left hand she is talking about “the hand I used to hold yours with”.

-This song has alot more vagueness that usual, even for Deco*27 and also a few creatively made-up words with interesting pronunciations. However in the end I just added a few words to contextualize it and help people see this lines with the mindset of a hourglass of our life filling up and the desire to turn it over and do something again.

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2 Responses to Turning Back the Hourglass with Deco*27’s Sunadokei

  1. Haine says:

    I love this song. But I can’t seem to find the Miku version?

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