“Bye-Bye” By My “愛” and My Other Deco*27 Songs

My first update now on this new site. Here is another song by my favorite artist of all-time, Deco*27. “Bye-Bye” By My Love was part of Deco’s 2009 Vocaloid Doujin album, “No You, No Me”. The album is not really available for purchase anymore but can be found circulating on some of the common download sites like mikudb. This is the third Deco song I have translated this week and the others can be found here and here.

“Bye-Bye” By My “愛” really embodies all of what Deco’s songs are about and why they hold such emotional appeal for so many. In a theme common throughout so many of his works, it depicts a couple that has grown apart due to misunderstandings, arguments, and difficulties. When they take the chance to reflect at the juncture where they must decide whether or not to be together, they come to the realization that the bonds of their love are simply too meaningful to break. It’s not a message that tries to tell you that “love conquers all” or “it always works out in the end”, but rather its more of a message of encouragement to all lovers, that if love really does exist between two people, it can overcome so many of the problems in our lives and relationships. And if it is strong enough to bring to people back together in spite of their problems, it really is true love.

Here are the links to all the other Deco*27 Songs I have translated so far:

“Linoleum” ft. Gumi from Paloverel World

“Chocolate Beats” ft. Miku from Aimai Elegy

“Hidden Love -Hide and Seek-” ft. Miku from No You, No Me (Deco’s 1st song and my favorite)

“Yumeyume” ft. Miku the Project Mirai OP

“Ame Moyou” ft. Gumi from Aimai Elegy

“Future World” ft. Miku from No You, No Me

“My Name Is…” ft. Gumi from Paloverel World

“You Who Is Like Me, Me Who Is Like You” ft. Miku from No You, No Me

The Romaji for pretty much all of these songs can be found at Hisa’s blog, he/she is an awesome transliterator and I can’t thank them enough for how they’ve helped me in the past.

So that’s 9 Deco*27 translated so far. Hopefully we’ll have many more complete by the end of summer. A playlist containing most of Deco’s translated songs on youtube can be found here.

Look forward to most updates as the week goes by!

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