Hello to All the Vocaloid Fans Out There!

My name is Amir (also know as  descent87 across the net)and I am a college student studying Biology, Japanese, and Economics here in the United States. While I have always been a lover of all kinds of international music due to my dual Iranian and Hispanic background, my world was changed just about two years ago when I clicked on a link to Hatsune Miku performing “World is Mine” during her inaugural concert. Since that time I fell in love with everything about her: her voice, cuteness, and more than anything, the way she and all of the other Vocaloids made it possible for people across the world to share the songs and creative ideas in their heart. Getting a chance to see her sing in person at Mikunopolis is a memory I will keep with me forever. This blog will be a place for me to discuss and aggregate my translations and related Vocaloid projects, share some of my thoughts, and also providing a centralized place of people to find any Romaji, English, or Kanji lyrics I make available. I have already met countless kind and friendly Vocaloid fans through my Youtube channel and I hope to make my more by sharing my works via this blog.

I have been studying Japanese for about 2 years now and work hard both inside and outside the classroom to improve my vocabulary, grammar, and fluency. Someday I might move into the realm of translating manga and anime, but for now I am focused on sharing as much wonderful Vocaloid music with the world as possible. My favorite producers are Deco*27, 40mP, wowaka, Lamaze-P, Oster Project, and I follow countless more. While I love all the Vocaloids, Miku and Gumi are my favorites by far. When it comes to Vocaloid songs a quick look at my Favorites and Translated Songs list will show you that I have a preference for all things cute and anything about love, happy or sad. The idea of love in all its forms, and the way it binds us to our family, friends, and lovers is such a central tenet of the human experience. Love is not just happiness and contentment, but it will always been the key to a meaningful life. For me, Deco*27 has put these thoughts, of love being such a big part of all our experiences in life, into song and music in such a beautiful way and I will always cherish his amazing songs.

I look forward to meet more of my fellow Vocaloid fans and once again welcome you to my blog. Please excuse any technical difficulties as I set this place up. Feel free to come visit me over at my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/ukwildcat387)!

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